From government registration to the proximity of your child’s school, there are many factors that you need to take into account when renting a home in Dubai. Use this handy guide before you sign the lease on your new home.

Location, location, location
Research your location, choosing an area convenient for you and your family.

Key priorities
Decide what you want from your home - an apartment or a villa?

Budget and viewings
Check that you can afford what you want in your preferred area, schedule viewings.

Check the size of your chosen property and that any furniture you own will fit.

Please ensure all facilities are in order and read the tenancy conditions for maintenance expenses prior to offer.

Prepare your documents - your consultant will tell you what you will need.

Prepare your post-dated cheques to pay your rent, security deposit and agency fees.

Your contract will be drawn up once your fees are paid. Check all clauses before signing.