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Things You Need to Know When Investing in Rental Properties

Rental property in Dubai

For most individuals with a steady income, a common goal is to be able to buy their own home. From an investor’s point of view, a property is a future source of income that is likely to always be profitable. It serves as strong collateral in addition to be a good source of income.

Investing in property is not always as easy as pointing your finger at a property and having funds transferred within the day. It requires careful planning, research and time. Investors want value for money and potential to earn them a handsome profit therefore simply going by hear say in the market is barely sufficient enough. It involves studying the developer’s history, finances, understanding how to manage their finances and payments whether they handle it themselves or finance the home through a bank. It is also to keep in mind that investing in a rental property involves regular maintenance charges, capital expenditures that involve unplanned, random fixes like repairing the heating system.

A benefit of purchasing such property is that the value will appreciate as the surrounding area becomes more developed. Addition of a new metro station or department store is likely to raise the value of your property with time. Better amenities, accessibility are crucial points of consideration. Luckily for a city that is a favourite to many investors, Dubai benefits greatly from its market reputation and this paves way for a thriving property sector.

  • Investing in Rental Properties in DubaiPlan Plan Plan! This cannot be stressed enough. Especially if this is a first time investment, it’s best to play safe in areas that are already familiar to you and for this, public opinion and your experiences are enough to make a decision.
  • Plan for your preferred property, location, niche clientele, calculate gross income, clear your own existing debts, consider investment loans (investors are required to pay 20% down) and speak to qualified players in the market to gain first-hand information prior to your decision.
  • Consider a Property Management Company– this completely cuts off the chances you’ll have to take calls from tenants regarding a pest control issue or anything related to maintenance. The manager will do that for you!
  • For a more experienced investor, it is often a good idea to invest in rental properties. Clients are usually more willing to pay a premium price to enjoy their holidays in the comfort of a home rather than stay in hotels. This allows the landlord to charge higher prices on weekly/daily basis to ensure they are profitable for when the property is vacant and unrented.
  • Calculate Return on Investment as well as gross earnings monthly. You should be cash flow positive, keeping in mind all extra costs you may incur. While there are several rules of thumb people go by and basic formulas, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Your property is supposed to give you at least between 6-8 % so calculate down to every nitty gritty detail.
  • Think about payment schemes for tenants. Are you going to have them pay monthly, quarterly, bi annually or annually in a single cheque? This further allows you to forecast your finances more accurately.

Investing in Rental Properties in Dubai

In Dubai, there is a vast sea of rental properties to choose from. Whether you are renting to buy or buying to sell even rent out, there are unlimited options at hand. For those looking to invest to rent, there are several groups to consider. Groups based on income are one level to start at. Locations like International City, Silicon Oasis, Sports City, Deira and several others usually consist of working individuals that live on limited accommodation budgets. They prefer these locations due to affordable rents therefore investing in a property here is guaranteed to provide you with consistent occupancy and income throughout.

However, if you are looking to make a larger investment (larger gains in future), you can look at properties in City Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Jumeirah Village Circle, Motor City and several others depending on the apartment/home you want to invest in. The best benefit of investing in Dubai is the influx of people that come to the city. Everyone needs a home therefore owning one gives you leverage in the market and the ability to rent it out very easily.

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How to Buy a House? Hassle Free Process to Own a Property in Dubai

Process to Own a Property in Dubai

Throughout recent years, the world has seen Dubai executing some of the most astonishing architectural designs and development plans ever. Everyone indeed wishes to live in one of the villas or apartments in Dubai to enjoy living in style and class.

However, it is essential to understand the question ‘how to buy a house in Dubai?’ to be able to make a purchase quickly. There is a proper process a person needs to go through, including various fee payments to individuals like a real estate agent.

Foreigners, who come to Dubai to work or even settle often ask questions like how to buy a house in Dubai? Are they eligible to own a property in Dubai? There are specified freehold areas where residential units are offered to all the non-UAE nationals provided, they are in the city legally, and all the required documents are submitted.

Cost of a Property in Dubai

Dubai is a city full of residential areas with different types of residential units, such as flats, studio apartments, townhouses, villas, and mansions. The prices vary according to the kind of residential unit you wish to live in. Usually, prices are decided according to the location of the place you are interested in. Other factors like the stage of construction a house is at, the distance between the home and schools or hospitals, and the provision of facilities play a significant role in pushing the prices up.

Cost of a Property in DubaiIt should be noted that the cost of homes shown online on websites of real estate developers does not include other charges like bank fees, house registration fee, and commission. The cheapest place can be of AED 500,000 or less, while the most expensive ones can go up to millions. If you have a big bank account, then it is much easier to own a property in the UAE.

The Buying Process

To start your search for a suitable house, you first need to hire a real estate agent who is entirely familiar with all the residential areas in Dubai. After finalizing a place, you are required to pay 2% of the purchase price of the property to the real estate company for their services.

A total payment of 4% of the purchase price needs to be made to the Dubai Land Department (DLD), which is equally divided between the buyer and the seller. Beware of the real estate agencies who claim that all of 4% needs to be paid by the buyer. They usually offer to pay the 2% as a promotional offer as a favor to the customers when it was their responsibility, to begin with.

The buyer is also required to pay a title deed issuance fee of Dh250 on the day of the transfer of the house. The last step to get your property registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) is to pay Dh4000 if the price of your property is Dh500,000 or more.

However, the buyers of the properties priced less than Dh500,000 are supposed to pay Dh2000. For those who have a mortgage on the house, payment of mortgage registration to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) is necessary. These steps can appear to be a bit troublesome at first, but it is all worth it to buy a house in Dubai.

It is important to know that if you have taken out a mortgage on the house, then as a non-UAE national, you must pay 25% of the price in cash to the seller. For UAE-nationals, they need to pay 20% in cash to the seller while the bank pays the rest. The interest rates will vary from one bank to another, so get full information before making a decision.

Courtesy by Airpano

Final Words

We thoroughly discussed how to buy a house in Dubai, along with stating the whole process of purchasing a property. It is advisable to do comprehensive research on your own to get any additional information that you seek. Doing that can help you go through the process of owing a place in Dubai very smoothly.

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Is Real Estate A Good Investment in 2020? Guide to Invest in Real Estate?

Guide to Invest in Real Estate in 2020

All over the world Business trends have been changed so dramatically since the last decade. Dubai is considered one of the largest strategic business hubs due to unlimited opportunities. A plethora of different businesses is flouring in Dubai and real estate is one of the top lists. This is the most money-spinning and profit-generating sector of the Dubai business industry.

The administration and government of Dubai have propelled some influential initiatives recently. These initiatives have made it possible for overseas investors to explore business opportunities and invest in real estate for longer period.

 The government has been trying also to test some new policies, regarding new visa rules, business incentives and migrants’ residency. Officials are taking some economy heightening actions to supplementary augment the property industry in Dubai. These new strategies and dogmas are improving investors’ self – confidence in Dubai real estate and it is palpable.

How to Invest in Real Estate?

There are numerous ways to invest in the real estate business. One of the most authentic ways is to start your real-estate business setup. You have to follow the steps which are mentioned under.

  • Explore The Business Sector and Type

First of all, you need to explore the business sector and later on a location. Free zones properties are considered more suitable for the new entrants to set up, due to tax exemptions and freedom from import duties. Free zones are not abiding the regulations so strictly.

  • Registration of business

Register your worthy business with a trademark and logo. optimal registration work can be accomplished on-line to collect an opening endorsement.

  • Licensing Process

Coach yourself on the licensing process from RERA (real estate regulatory authority). Licensing process is not that much tough, most of the forms and processing are online. You have to register yourself in the “Real Estate Executive Diploma program” to get a certification.

  • Hiring a back office

Hiring a back office is necessary for the business support and out sourcing of accounting services to avoid future stress.

  • Set Up Your Real Estate Office

Getting the license means you are now certified to set up your real estate office at your desired location. Another way to invest in real estate sector is to become a partner with an already existing real-estate company. You can become an active or sleeping partner, the choice is yours. RERA has real estate friendly policies and you can take help from them.

Future of Real Estate in 2020

Dubai Real Estate in 20212020 is a very decisive year for Dubai due to the manifestation of expo2020. Dubai has a significant place due to hosting the expo2020 in Middle East, North Africa, and South Asian regions. It is said that this expo will bring more market constancy in Dubai real estate and it is very conceivable to attract investment. According to an owner of a real estate company, Dubai will emerge as a miniature of contemporary real estate and constructional designs. Folks, companies, and investors will come there for expo 2020 from around the globe and the economy will get a boost.

2020 will be the era of the real estate business and its boom. Not only locals will invest in the real estate business but foreigner investors will also contribute due to the dynamic economic and business-friendly policies of the government. The expo 2020 will also reconnoiter newfangled ways to assimilate technology and contemporary business practices in the real estate business. Come forward with your new ideas and become part of this superlatively growing economy.

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10 Best Serviced Cheap Rentals Holiday Apartments in Dubai

Cheap Holiday Apartments in Dubai

Dubai has become another tourist fascination. according to Dubai tourism, thousands of tourists are visiting Dubai every year. Dubai is illustrious all over the world due to its expensive hotel residence for travelers, holidaymakers, and visitors. Tourists are in continuous search of Cheap Rentals in Dubai for comfortable accommodation.

They don’t want to spend many finances on the residence as they seem more interested in exploring Dubai and visiting tourist attractions. They just use these residences to put their luggage and to take some rest. that’s why they prefer cheap Dubai apartments for rent to save money and spend these savings on their recreational activities.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are a few things which you should keep in mind while choosing service apartments.

·       Location and Distance

Always choose an apartment that is located near to all tourist attractions. Most of the mainstream luxury apartments are far away from the tram and metro stations.

·       Services, Facilities, And Deals

Sometimes we try to save money by hiring a cheap apartment and compromising on the service quality, which later bother us by numerous ways. Always check the availability of facilities like water, gas, and air-conditioning to avoid future discomfort. Some property management companies also offer different discounted deals on pre-bookings of service apartments.

 List of Some Best Service Apartments with Superlative Facilities

1.      Sonder — Jbr Suites

Sonder Jbr Suites

Sonder — JBR Suites are equipped with all facilities like furnished rooms, equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi. these suits are the great option for holidaymakers who are interested in residences near beaches.

2.      Grosvenor House ApartmentsGrosvenor House Apartments

This another amazing forty-five story apartment building with world-class facilities. You can enjoy all the housekeeping services at nominal charges. It comprises of 750 guest rooms, suites and apartments.  All rooms are equipped with flat screens, comfortable beds and all necessary toiletries.

3.      Nuran Marina Serviced ApartmentsNuran Marina Serviced Apartments

Nuran Marina comprises of ninety furnished serviced apartments. Best thing is that you can book a studio for single person, to 3 bedroom apartments with family. High-speed internet and the latest technological gadgets make it the best choice for business and holiday makers. Outdoor amenities like swimming pools, a capacious health cudgel, and gymnasium make it superior choice.

4.      Shoreline Hotel ApartmentsShoreline Hotel Apartments

These apartments are located on the marvelous Palm Jumeirah. If you love to self-service, then these are the superlative choice for you. Reasonably priced with all quality services like Wi-Fi, TV and DVD player.

5.      Hilton Dubai Jumeirah ResidencesHilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences

They offer studios, duplex, two, and four-bedroom apartments with all the necessities and with access to a range of restaurants and cafes and shopping hubs.

6.      Residences at The AddressThe Adresses Residences

They offer you a variety to choose according to your needs, demand, and budgets. They are offering extravagance residence at three locations Dubai marina, the Dubai Mall and the downtown make it classier.

7.      Cayan TowersCayan Towers Dubai

If you love to self-service, then Cayan is optimal. You can enjoy a full sea view with all the quality services. outdoor pool, sun decks, a health center, and a Sultry Sun Garden makes it another tourist attraction.

8.      Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira CreekRadisson Blu Hotel

This is the distance effective choice for all holidaymakers as it is situated at the Deira Creek area of Dubai. Metro station is easy to access and the airport is only 7 km away.

9.      Wyndham Dubai MarinaWyndham Dubai Marina

It is an attractive and ritzy hotel with magnificent views of the Arabian Sea. They offer free shuttle service to the beach and all other Dubai fascinations. All rooms are air-conditioned and provide free Wi-Fi. Well-equipped rooms and bathrooms with all essential toiletries make it super choice.

10.  Pearl Marina ApartmentsPearl Marina Apartments

It also offers modern accommodation with maximum superlative facilities like fully equipped kitchen and rooms. Mall of the Emirates is just 20 minutes away from marina apartments. Numerous restaurants and food points are located in nearest vicinity.

 Areas with Cheap Rentals in Dubai

if you are looking for very cheap rentals, then you have to compromise on some facilities. Al Awir, Al Ehibab, Al Qouz and Al Qusais are the areas offering the least rates for studio apartments at Dh18,000, Dh21,000, Dh25,000 and Dh27,000 respectively. At Satwa, Al Jaffliya and Abu Hail, you can find studio apartments ranges from Dh30,000, to Dh40,000.

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What is Freehold Property in Dubai and How Can You Buy it?

Freehold property in Dubai

With the growing population of the city, a lot of new residential and commercial properties have sprawled up over the years. There are several freehold areas made up of freehold properties for non-GCC (Gulf Co-operational Council) nationals which they can purchase and keep.

Paying for property gives full ownership to the non-GCC nationals of a piece of land and a residential unit. Whether they want to live in it themselves or rent it to the highest-paying tenant is entirely up to them.

Moving onto the second part of our question, it can get a bit confusing while trying to buy a freehold property in Dubai, especially if you are not a UAE national. According to article 4 of the property ownership Law, non-UAE nationals are allowed to purchase and own freehold properties for up to 99 years in the areas of Dubai.

However, it should be noted that you can use only a freehold property in Dubai that has been designated for foreign ownership, and one must follow the rules and regulations as stated by the Government of Dubai. A noticeable amount of people come to Dubai to work and eventually settle; hence, they can easily buy a piece of land here.

List of Top Real Estate Developers in Dubai

While purchasing and getting information about freehold Dubai property prices, make sure that the real estate agency is government approved. Once the property is registered in your name, a person of your choice can inherit it after you.

Developers in DubaiHere is a list of top real estate developers in Dubai;

There are many developers in Dubai selling lavish and classy household units at different prices. You can search for a place that fits your needs and wants. There are numerous apartments, villas, mansions, penthouses, and beach houses.

In addition to this, there are a lot of available lands and places that can be used to run businesses once registered with the government.

Types of Properties in Dubai

Let’s take a look at two types of properties in Dubai;

  1. Usufruct Properties

This is when a person buys a long-term lease on a freehold property. Now, he/she could do whatever they want with the place as long as it is not lying idle. You cannot destroy the newly purchased land as it is on lease.

How long is your place on lease depends on your capabilities to pay the installments. There are different periods for a contract that starts from 10 years and goes all the way to 99 years. In the case of corporate property, the time for rent can go up to 50 years.Dubai Property for Lease

  1. Common Hold Properties

This category of property in Dubai include apartments that a person can buy or sell according to their wish. The residents, including you, of the building that you are currently living in, are required to pay a maintenance fee that is normally collected by the owner of the building. What is this fee for? It is to keep the environment neat and clean and take care of the common areas in the building.

The Process of Purchasing Property in Dubai

Hiring a real estate agent to aid you in your search for a place will require you to pay 2% of the purchase price to the agent. Once you have chosen a home, the next step is to contact the developer and make a deal.

Process of Purchasing Property in DubaiThe developer will ask you to sign a private purchase contract but make sure to read all the terms and agreement carefully. It is better to bring your passport to the meeting if you are a foreigner. While you will have to pay 5% – 10% of the purchase price when you sign, depending upon the developer the remaining amount would be paid on scheduled dates. There is no tax on the purchase price, but if you are transferring it to someone else, then a tax percentage of 1% to 7% will apply. The fee to get your property registered with DLD is about 4% of the purchase price.

Final Words

The above article has clearly mentioned what a person should know about who is planning to buy a property in Dubai. Read the article thoroughly and contact us for any additional information or query that you may have. One should always know what they are getting into before it is too late.

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SURF – Best Apartments Option in Dubai Creek Harbour

Best Apartment Option in Dubai


Dubai Creek Harbour is a unique ongoing project in Dubai. In the future it will be a place entirely equipped with a huge residential areas, commercial areas, and entertainment areas. As it is under construction, so soon it will be a new innovative city in town. There are several projects within Dubai Creek Harbour, and one of them is SURF.

SURF Apartments at Dubai Creek Harbour

SURF at Dubai Creek Harbour are one of its residential projects. It’s getting developed by famous Developer Emaar. This project mainly contains 1 to 4 bedroom apartments having all the amenities required. The entire building is engrossed with bubbly water lands and green parks.

All its apartments are equipped with huge size balcony that lets you view the whole beautiful Dubai Creek Tower. This residential area is suitable for families. Furthermore, there is 2650 square KM free space for plaza development. This makes it more massive.

The entire building has warm colors that give striking feels. All its residents can have full-on entertainment and high level comfort with their family members. Another noticeable facility of SURF project is that, its location is nearby all the areas needed to visit. The luxury facilities are stylish boutiques, cafes, restaurants, etc.

SURF Apartments at Crecck BeachMajor Attraction

The SURF building has several significant attractions. Its major attractions include; beach activities, the finest restaurants to dine in, and top-level enjoyment opportunities. All the apartments at SURF project provide luxury lifestyle. All the apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour include larger size of balconies and windows that facilitates the resident with natural air and sunlight. Definitely, this result is making your surrounding pleasant and calm. Plus, the urban model architecture is followed for the designing of SURF project.

SURF Location

The location of SURF is just 40 meters far from the Creek Beach. Therefore, you can view the live sunsets any time you want at that beach. It also has connections to all the core facilities of transport for enhanced enjoyment. Within reach, there are four metro stations, Creek Island is connected with three different bridges. For commuting to the downtown Dubai you can also choose the water taxis for transport.

The Dubai Creek Harbour – SURF is a whole family-friendly place to live for ultimate comfort and luxuriousness. It is a place that will be like a dream come true to you because it is equipped with all those things you desire. It is near to a waterfront plaza that will make your experience more entitled. That plaza is surrounded by farmer markets, promenades, cafes, and such other places to enhance the whole experience of visitors.

This Dubai Creek project has all the extravagant facilities close to its location that include the BBQ area, children clubhouse, Gymnasium, standard pool for water activities. It is located at the heart of the city that you can easily reach Burj Khalifa within the time frame of 30 minutes and the Dubai international airport within 15 minutes turnaround.

It is a place you can choose to foster a luxurious lifestyle with your family. It gives you all the necessary and extreme facilities. It enables you to experience landscape sunset view while waking up and a landscape view of moon and stars guzzling at night. It is a lifestyle you may have seen in movies. It is a great place to live and entertain yourself. You will feel living in a place full of beauty that will allure you.


Dubai Creek Island is another under-development Dubai project. It is not yet accomplished. Still, its overall location and facilities make people assume that it will be another very successful project for Dubai, and the people of Dubai will be happy after its completion.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Penthouse Apartments in Dubai

5 Reasons to Buy A Penthouse in Dubai

This article outlines the main benefits of buying a penthouse property and provides a compiled list of locations of penthouse in Dubai that offer such luxurious homes with price ranges that could go anywhere from 4-100Milion AED. Penthouses provide the coveted benefit of privacy and space with the benefits of an apartment as compared to buying a villa home. As a symbol of prestige, wealth and luxury, more and more wealthy buyers are opting for penthouses as investment options to earn from in the long term.

 Courtesy of airpano

In the real-estate world, apartments in Dubai are the latest trend and have become a coveted contemporary home choice for home seekers. Penthouses are located on the highest floor of an apartment/residential building. They provide unique luxury features like large indoor living spaces as well as outdoor terrace spaces. Such apartments steadily gained popularity due to the high demand for luxury living in urban areas with the space of a villa but advantages of an apartment. In terms of architecture, a penthouse is in its most basic definition, a structure on the highest floor of the building which is somewhat positioned away from the building whilst being right on top.

In Dubai, the demand for penthouses has increased and is gaining momentum as more and more wealthy investors and home owners look to attain a penthouse in luxurious locations rather than opt for homes in well populated Penthouses Apartments in Dubai.

If you are a person who always values the advantages of apartments over homes and does not want to sacrifice space, then a penthouse is the right property for you. There are a variety of options too, ranging from furnished city view apartments to ultra-premium shell and core units at the most prestigious location of all, the Burj Khalifa costing almost 102 Million AED.

Maximum Privacy & Comfort

Due to the prominent positioning high up in a building, a penthouse ensures a luxuriously private living environment with lots of sunlight and fresh air circulation (majorly due to being away from street pollution) surrounding the apartment while offering scenic, bird’s eye views of the city skyline and being away from noisy upstairs neighbours and street noise.

buy penthouse in Dubai

Modern Luxury Penthouses Features

Penthouses are naturally very carefully planned as well as obviously being quite spacious. From floor to ceiling windows to exquisite finishing and fixtures, there is almost no stone left unturned in the luxurious interior.

The residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to availability of high-end amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, barbeque area or small outdoor dining space on the terrace, in house cinema, private club etc. in addition to this, there are usually dedicated elevators too to avoid delays for tenants that live high up.

penthouse in Dubai interior

Spacious Terrace Penthouse

Penthouse terraces give a whole new definition to outdoor living with sufficient space to entertain and unwind. This provides the villa feeling while living in an apartment regardless of whether the penthouse is a single storey or duplex. They will always have a terrace to compensate for outdoor space.


Penthouses in Dubai are usually located at the center of the city which allow easy access to the city’s infrastructure. Unlike villa communities that may be located away from the hustle bustle of the city, Penthouses are usually in the middle of it all, unaffected by noise pollution that villa residents tend to avoid.

penthouse in Dubai SeaView

Status symbol

Penthouses in Dubai truly give meaning to luxury living and are definitely a prestigious status symbol for homeowners, especially due to the fact that only a small percentage of the population chooses to or can actually afford living in such spaces. They are most expensive when compared to regular apartments but prove to be a great investment option.

Penthouse Locations in Dubai are limited with developers slowly catering to the rising demand from high income, wealthy individuals. Developers now specifically aim to provide dedicated penthouse spaces in upcoming high-rise buildings. Popular spots in Dubai offering such accommodation, with prices ranging from anywhere between AED 4 million to AED 100+ million.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Dubai Marina
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Vida Residence (The Hills, Dubai)
  • City Walk
  • Elie Saab Residences, Emaar Beachfront
  • BlueWaters Island
  • Palazzo Versace, Culture Village

The list above includes names of hot spot penthouse locations that are the most luxurious options available in the market currently. There are several options available in terms of space, amenities, furnished/ shell core units and locations, depending on the client’s choice and budget. Usually those opting for Penthouses Apartments in Dubai have a lot of room for stretch in their pockets since they are choosing to pay a premium price for a premium property and usually have high expectations for the way their home is set up, allowing for super luxurious finishing and furnishings, making it a home for life.

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Reasons to Buy A Property in DAMAC Hills – Top Amenities

Reasons to Buy A Property in Damac Hills

Presently, Dubai is a modern paradise for every class people. Dubai is an ideal location because of its excellent facilities and amenities provided at its residential areas. DAMAC Hills in Dubai is one of those locations that have all the top amenities offering luxurious living.

There are a lot of reasons to Buy A Property in DAMAC Hills. Take a look below, mentioning some of those reasons below;

Comfort and Delight

DAMAC Hills provides a varied range of luxurious homes that promotes an enhanced level of comfort. Living there will offer you an amicable lifestyle. All its residential units acquire mansions, villas, and apartment that have hi-fi lifestyle paired with ultimate comfort.

Comfort and Delight with DAMAC HillsThe development of its residential units is based on fulfilling the desires of each family member. The best thing is that it is a delightful place having landscape views. It enables you to up with beautiful morning sky in your window and sleeping with glazing start on the sky.

Along with all the exceptional amenities, DAMAC Hills also offers facilities to enjoy and rest. There is a varied range of leisure facilities that will enhance the comfort experience for everyone.

Furthermore, people living there can get to its incredible clubhouse that has the best dining areas, wellness center, and spa. All these places are quite near to DAMAC hills that you will not get bothered. It’s nearby and convenient to visit anytime you want.

Active and Fit lifestyle

DAMAC hills enable you to have an active and fit lifestyle. Its community has vast sports areas like a football pitch, tennis court, beach volleyball court, cricket practice area, and a basketball court. Being a part of these places will surely make your body fit and fresh. Residents play there regularly to have an active lifestyle.

Taking part in those activities will also make you sporty and active. You will become fresh and happy with these luxury amenities for life. There is also a gymnasium that facilitates you to be in your perfect shape. With its all top machinery you can get a lean body shape and an active living. DAMAC hills assist you in a way that you have a perfect life.

Facilities for Kids

Top Amenities for Luxury Lifestyle in Damac HillsBesides these family luxuries, DAMAC Hills are also offering some ideal amenities for kids too. The famous Jebel Ali School’s new campus is located in DAMAC hills. Its outdoor area is filled with large sizes of parks, picnic spots, play area, biking places, kids dining area, and other entertainment hubs.

It has all the essential things to make your kids enjoy. Parents are also encouraged to allow their kids to play in these specific kids area in DAMAC hills. This is another top thing that fosters the kids of DAMAC hills. This place aids kids and parents both to have the best experience possible.

Ideal Location

DAMAC Hills is strategically located in Dubailand, so its location is perfect. It avails a lot of accessibility points to the leading network of Dubai that includes Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, and several others.

Furthermore, the Umm Suqeim road is also nearby; you can reach there within 10 minutes. The residents can comfortably go in and out of the town. It is an ideal location enables you to go anywhere you want. The restaurants, spa, gym, supermarkets are all near to the DAMAC hills.

Ideal Location Damac Hills SkyviewConclusion

DAMAC hills facilitate you to live your life in luxury. It has all the amenities to comfort you ultimately. Its top facilities will boost up your experience and delight you with hi-fi living. Buying a property in DAMAC hills will not disappoint you, even it will enhance your life.

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Reasons to Buy A Property in DAMAC Hills – Top Communities

Communities of DAMAC Hills

Top Communities of DAMAC Hills

Dubai is incredibly famous for its extraordinary architectural work, and it is seen throughout the city. From malls to residential areas and recreational places, Dubai is on its way to becoming one of the world’s most attractive places to visit and live.

DAMAC Hills is a community established in Dubai, providing luxurious residential units to those who are looking for a comfortable place. The architects have managed to build a community that offers a lavish lifestyle to the families, along with many other activities to stay active. Covering a land of 42 million square feet, DAMAC hills have become a haven for those who afford luxurious housing with convenient areas.

Veneto Villas

Veneto Villas in Damac HillsThis is a property of DAMAC hills that offers limited edition Villas to people looking for a big house with the touch of a vintage architect. Moreover, there are townhouses and apartments in DAMAC hills for people who wish to have a cozy place to live instead of a bigger one.

It is positioned in the area near the Trump International Golf club, so it is a perfect location, especially if you love to play golf. DAMAC hills decided to collaborate with a lot of well-renowned brands to create all the residential areas such as Fendi Casa. As a result, they were able to build some exquisite residential units for the people.

Veneto Villas offer its residents a comfortable place to live. It has sports area for kids and teenagers. It also offers gymnastic arena to keep the residents healthy and fit.

The Trump Estates

This is another property in DAMAC hills that was especially designed for people who wish to have maximum privacy where they live. It is a fully-gated community on the outskirts on a private island. In addition to this, it is built around the world-famous Trump International Golf Club which is known for its extraordinary facilities. The green gardens and a clear golf pitch make the environment of the community pleasant.

Since it is on a private island, away from the noise of the city, it offers the residents a completely private lifestyle. Families can walk outside and relax in the park to catch fresh air. Trump is also known for its remarkable leisure resorts where tourists across the world come to visit throughout the year.

The Trump Estates offer its residents the best connectivity to the city and landmarks. It also gives access to the main network of Dubai that includes Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road, and several others.

Rockwood Villas

Rockwood Villas Damac HillsNamed after one of the world’s biggest open parks, Rockwood villas is currently being developed in DAMAC hills. The plan is to provide luxurious Villas and townhouses to the people willing to settle in Dubai. Moreover, there will be a lot of lush green gardens surrounding the whole community so the residents can relax while breathing fresh, pleasant air.

Rockwood is offering 5-bedroom independent Villas as well as 3-bedroom independent townhouses with convenient access to several other facilities. These include cycling and running tracks, swimming pools, and a basketball court. There are four international standard tennis courts, Akoya park and luxurious spa and wellness centers. It is located along the Umm-Suqeim road, and you can easily travel to the Arabian Ranches as well as the other parts of the city.

BellaVista Towers

There are many beautiful properties in DAMAC hills, but the Bellavista Towers is undoubtedly a view to look at. It is located at the center of the DAMAC hills and offers spacious and lavish apartments to people looking for a high-end place.

Bellavista is a 3-Tower residential property amidst the green gardens and parks. The view from the apartments is impressive, and you can see the Trump International Golf Club from the towers. All of the DAMAC hills can be viewed from the Bellavista apartments, so you will never get bored.

This is an ideal place for people to accommodate families comfortably, nurture children, and create lasting friendships. It is positioned along the Umm Suqeim road that leads right to the center of the city, which makes these towers quite convenient. It is located near to all the metropolitan areas of the city and gives the feeling that you are in another world when, in reality, you are right in the center of the city.

BellaVista Towers offer its residents with many facilities for kids and adults. Its outdoor area has many parks, picnic spots, play area, biking places, kids dining area, and other entertainment hubs.

Final Words

Villas and Townhouses in DAMAC Hills are extraordinary in every aspect of luxurious living. It is an investment that will not only benefit the current owners but will also give comfort to their future generations.

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Why Investing in Off-Plan is Better than Ready Properties?

Investing in Off-Plan Properties in Dubai

Why Investing in Dubai Properties is A Good Idea?

Over the past 30 years, Dubai has grown enormously at unprecedented rates and changed from an oil-driven economy to an innovation-led business hub taking full advantage of the diversity and geographical location of the nation. This growth has earned Dubai a spot on the list of internationally recognized leading commercial sectors. Whilst being a great business destination, Dubai has something for everyone. With thriving educational institutes to an ever-growing real estate industry in Dubai, there are numerous opportunities for everyone. The country has especially attracted foreign investors with its flexible visa regulations as well as its centrality on the world map.

In Dubai, there are plenty of attractive and budget friendly options such as Dubailand, International City, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jebel Ali, JVC, IMPZ, Discovery Gardens, etc. Hence, instead of paying a significant percentage of monthly income on rent, it is often considered best to invest and purchase property to allow for savings in the long run.

In the global world that we live today, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in the growth of a country/region by investing in property sector. You too can be a part of this fast-growing economy, just by purchasing a property in Dubai. With the World Expo 2020 slated to be hosted in Dubai, 25 million people are expected to come to the UAE creating around 300,000 new jobs. While the benefits listed are by no means conclusive, it is important to understand how they pan out and affect long-term decisions. Good return on property investments allows investors to consider investing in property and in addition to the investment, the chance to avail residency and full ownership, the same way centrality would attract several investors for a variety of reasons with the added benefit of flexible policies and safety. The real estate market of Dubai is bound to experience a huge surge during this period. So, if you are contemplating investing in real estate in Dubai, this is the best time to buy property in Dubai!

Ready Property vs OffPlan PropertyWhy is off-plan property better than ready property?

For many, the prospect of buying a ready property is an exhilarating process in itself with far too many beautiful homes to choose from, with scenic beach view homes on Palm Jumeirah to apartments in a more urban setting like City Walk, with a home for every lifestyle and budget.

Off-plan property however, is when you agree to purchase an area of land where construction is yet to take place for the planned property. This way, it is considered a more affordable option as compared to buying a ready home. Buyers can hope to even gain bargaining prices and are actually purchasing the land at a much lower cost since the property has not yet been structured physically. Should buyers choose to occupy that home later on, they can design every aspect of it themselves, from fittings and fixtures to landscaping their lawns.

However it all really comes down to the individual’s budget and lifestyle.

Buying Off-Plan property may be cheaper initially but the total cost of setting up a property from the ground upwards can be expensive as compared to moving in a ready property where everything is already in place, including additional facilities and amenities to ease everyday tasks related to maintenance and general needs. However off plan allows you to pick everything according to what you want, increasing the personalisation touch to your home.

Ready VS OffPlan Properties in DubaiDeveloping a home this way is usually a family bonding process for several clients and is a lasting memory for a home built together.

A benefit of purchasing an otherwise risky off-plan property in Dubai is that the process here is becoming more and more regularized as well as monitored by authorities. Developers’ financial backgrounds are checked to the absolute tiniest detail to ensure they have the required funds to complete their projects. Regulatory authorities in Dubai, namely Real Estate Regulatory authority (RERA) and Dubai Land Department (DLD) even require developers to deposit 20% of the project’s cost as an added guarantee, easing any anxious concerns buyers may have before investing their money into beach front properties. Therefore if the benefits of the two types of properties were to be laid out, buying off-plan would definitely be a better choice allowing you the benefit of creating your own home, a dream come true for many.