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Top Project Next to Dubai Expo 2020! Expo Golf Villas Phase 5

Expo Golf villa Phase 5

Expo Golf villas are new set of townhouses by Emaar properties, who is world renowned as proven community developers of Dubai. After immense success of its first launch of Expo Golf Villas within its strategic location, it has recently launched the fifth phase of Expo Golf Villas, within a time span of 4 months. It is located on the south side and is in very close proximity to Expo 2020 Championship golf course, and the Al Maktoum Airport, which is a future project, also lies near to these luxurious Villas.

It is also situated at the main boulevard of Emaar South. Since the demand for housing properties is ever-growing, Emaar South:1’s Expo Golf Villas provide an excellent opportunity for investors to invest. Plus, Emaar South is a growing master at its work of building amazing projects that create a lot of profit and has great potential so that investors can be safe about their investment.

Expo Golf Villas Has A Design That Inspires

All the previous four phases of Emaar South’s properties are of premium quality. These luxury villas have bedrooms ranging from three to four large ones, and the villas overlook a championship golf course. You can have a pick from a range of these villas. It is a private, family community with villas huddled along with each other.

Design of Expo Golf VillasEmaar South’s Perfectly Connected Expo Golf Villas

There are parks and many other delights offered to the residents.  Although Expo Golf Villas is located out of city, however, it is connected to the main center via a widespread system of public transport set strategically throughout the city. The international airport is also located nearby so you can reach the airport and catch flights in a matter of minutes. The villas are built in a contemporary style as well with elegant designs and tall windows that bring in natural light to the maximum with a great view of the pool, parks, greenery, kids playing area, and much more. These villas have been built by the most excellent professionals and provide the best facilities to the residents.

Emaar South’s Expo Golf Villas – Home of the Future

This phase by Emaar South came as a result of booming sales and profit that came along as a result of its previous phase. The community is a hit for people looking for a family-oriented place to live. It is a lush, lavish, and private community. The price ranges from lowest to highest and is suitable for everyone on a budget as well. The prices for these luxurious villas are start from as low as possible dollars. However, there are easy installment plans for payment procedures so you can glide smoothly. These installments span over a length of four to five years, so the payment plan is quite comfortable.

Expo Golf Villas 5 By EmaarNestled in Nature Expo Golf Villas

The villas are built to span over 110-140 square kilometers. They are built to suit the families very well. The villas in dubai for sale are made with neutral and muted tones so they can go along with any decor you choose for the house. They can match any style. This area of housing will mainly be attractive to people working in different businesses in Dubai.

Stay on top of your Game

The 18-hole golf course is located in the area provides an excellent opportunity for sports and recreational activity as well. So, with a buzzing community here, parks, walking paths, 18-course golf area, it has become effortless to stay fit and active.

Expo Golf Villas AmenitiesThis place also has a fantastic opportunity for tourists and visitors. The Expo 2020, held right around the corner, attracts a lot of visitors in the area. There are apartments and townhouses for sale in Dubai alongside villas as well. So, they can be rented by visitors or residents of the city as well. Expo 2020 is a great show hosted in Dubai. It is a world expo, and the villas are located nearby, and so the millions of visitors that will come crashing here could be great customers for the new project of Emaar South properties.

Final Verdict

Expo Golf Villas ViewAs the property scene in Dubai continues to grow, more and more amazing projects are emerging on the line. Emaar’s projects are growing, with millions of workforces invested and new phases of expo golf villas emaar springing up, it is going to create a lot of buzz in the market.

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Apartment for Rent in Dubai? Why Select Dubai Marina to Stay?

Apartment for Rent in Dubai Marina

Apart from being an amazing destination for tourists across the world, Dubai has also got some of the best residential properties in Dubai. Every single building and residential area are built according to a proper plan allowing the resident to live in a comfortable environment.

From luxurious villas and mansions to studio apartments, this city offers a wide variety of residential units, each one with its unique characteristics. The prices, however, can be a bit high, so one can also find an apartment for rent in Dubai if their bank account restricts them from living in a villa.

Needless to say, that every single apartment for rent in Dubai is constructed and designed in the best possible way. Some residents have come from their native country to work, so they are likely to get an apartment for rent in Dubai for a few years unless they can afford to buy.

However, tourists who visit Dubai for a few months tend to get an apartment for rent in Dubai monthly. This seems like a better option than living in a hotel as it gives them an experience of living in Dubai. Writers seeking inspiration are often seen boarding a plane to Dubai and renting out apartments for a couple of months.

Many films are shot in Dubai, and apartments are rented out for the actors/actresses and other people in higher positions.

Requirements to Rent an Apartment

Requirements to Rent an ApartmentYou cannot just get an apartment or an apartment for rent, as specific conditions must be fulfilled before obtaining tenancy of a place. To get a legal rental agreement in Dubai, a person must submit an address proof of anyone you present as a witness as well as your own.

Does the question arises that what can be used as address proof? Your passport, driving license, ration card, and bank statement can serve as an address proof.

Hire an agent to look for the apartment, but make sure to tell him all about your needs and wants, including the number of bedrooms and provision of necessary facilities. To reserve the apartment for rent in Dubai, you will need to pay a security deposit of 5% of the rent. This is submitted to the agent along with your passport and residence visa copy until the deal is finalized.

After the formation of a contract, please read it to check it complies with the tenant laws in Dubai before signing. The tenant keeps one copy of the signed contract while the other one goes to the landlord. A handover form stating that you are paying a certain amount of money to rent a property as well as the facilities you are availing will also require the tenant’s signature.

Ejari registration tenancy DEWATo get a legal supply of water and electricity, the tenant must submit the following documents for property for DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority);

  • Photocopy of the tenant’s and landlord’s passport
  • DEWA number
  • DEWA form
  • Title deed
  • Dh2000 which is refundable and is separate from the setup charges of Dh110

Next, you have to get Ejari registration, which requires you to submit a few documents as well. These include the original tenancy contract, original receipt of DEWA, a copy of the tenant’s and landlord’s passport, a title deed, and a copy of Emirates ID.

Landlords are allowed to charge any letting fee or additional money to the tenants. This doesn’t allow them to charge any fee for extending the tenancy period.

Rental Apartment in Dubai Marina

Rental Apartment in Dubai MarinaLiving in Dubai Marina is a dream in terms of convenience, offering everything from affordable cafes and restaurants, to massive hypermarkets. The place is always filled with tourists trying to get rental apartments temporarily.

After Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina is next best. It has the views, it has access to the nightlife, it has it all.

Why should you choose to stay in Dubai Marina instead of getting a rental apartment in Dubai? Almost all of the towers in Dubai Marina have basic facilities and so much more to offer to the tourists.

Some might say that living in Dubai Marina feels like home, even if it is temporary. One can quickly get an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina if all the requirements are fulfilled.

Apartment in Dubai MarinaFinal Words

To sum it all up, there are many apartments in Dubai waiting to be rented out. The key thing to understand is to decide the kind of apartment you want to live in according to your budget and needs. Once you have done that, all you need to do is to submit the documents and enjoy the new place.

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Luxury Lifestyle of Dubai Creek Residences at Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Residencies

Dubai Creek Harbour is a tower filled with ideal projects offering its residents a modern and luxurious way of living. It is a master development project and will soon get completed in in any of the upcoming year. All its projects are offering landscape views along with modern amenities and prime location. It is a perfect place to live and enjoy life at its full.

Dubai Creek Residences is one of those projects that’s offering its people the most luxurious lifestyle It also has all the waterfront and landscape views that makes the mood fresh in a single sight. Apart from its aesthetic, it is also a great place to live because of the facilities it is offering. Its location is central that all the main spots of the city are near.

It is entirely made from artistic crafts, and the developer even considers the choice and mood of its resident. Dubai Creek Residences is a part of Dubai Creek Harbour. It is the largest marina in the whole Middle East. This residential plot is also created to facilitate its people with stunning views of overwhelming Marina.

This project is designed with modern marine lifestyle in mind. It has an artful designed building that having 1, 2, 3, and 4 luxury apartments in Dubai Creek. Those Dubai creek apartments are also providing a soothing experience of beachfront living.

Dubai Creek Residences project is an innovative mixture of modernism and panoramic views. Entirely it facilitates you with modern and luxurious facilities along with landscaping sights. It has the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Skyline that is mesmerizing to view; its modern facilities included coffee shops, retail shops, restaurants and several other things.

Dubai Creek Harbour ResidencesIt is justifying mentioning that Creek Residences has its state of art facilities that ranges between fullgymnasium, swimming pool, kids play area, kids pool, covered car parking, and such other great amenities.

It is an iconic residential plot that is unique in design and amenities both. Its units are even designed based on your preference.

Its Facilities Includes:

  • Different swimming pools for kids and adults.
  • Fully equipped gymnasium.
  • Café to let you rest anytime you want.
  • Retail center.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Daycare for working women.
  • Luxury restaurants for best food experience.

Dubai Creek Residences at Dubai Creek HarbourDubai Creek Apartment Sizes:

The apartments in Dubai Creek Residences are available in three different sizes. All of those facilities you with marine views that will make your mornings fresh and night fascinated.

  1. The original size is 881 – 1,685 Sq. ft
  2. The otherdimension is 1,364 – 2,765 Sq. ft
  3. And the third size is 1,869 – 2,306 Sq. ft

These variant sizes make it easy for small families to live and enjoy all its modern and luxurious facilities.

Creek Harbour ApartmentsNearby Locations:

Dubai Creek Residences is situated in an ideal location that gives you easy access to all the hubs of Dubai. It is located alongside the Dubai Creek and within Ras Al Khor. It is just ten minutes away from the downtown Dubai and Dubai Airport. It also lets you have quite fast and convenient access to Sheikh Zayed Road. It is even nearer to Dubai Metro, supermarkets, and shopping malls too. It is an ideal location that facilitates you in all the ways possible.

There are also several excellent schools nearby for the education of your kids. You can admit your child in Al Mawakeb School, Al Khaleej National School, Al Rashid Al Saleh Private school and such other best schools. Even several hospitals are near this project to make your whole living convenient and simple.

Residences Apartments at Dubai Creek HarbourFinal Words

Dubai Creek Residences is a top place for the people who want to live a luxurious life. It is an ongoing project in Dubai Creek Harbour. It will let you have all the high living amenities. Living there will give you a wholly modern and aesthetic living style in Dubai Creek.

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Top New Residential Projects in Dubai to be Completed in 2020 Part 1

New Residential Projects in Dubai - Part I

Within the last couple of decades, the city of Dubai has completely transformed from a barren land into a widespread tourist attraction as well as a real estate hub. Lying within the gulf hemisphere, the conurbation is also known as “the city of gold”, deemed upon the fact how precious opportunities it tends to offer to the investors along with serving as the major exporter in the gulf region.

Beauty of Real Estate in Dubai

For many people, Dubai serves as a second home because of the cultural heritage, traditional values preserved within. Mostly emigrants tend to get settled in this central business hub for the sources and career opportunities the city provides. Within a short span, Dubai has turned in a lot of investors and venture capitalist due to the ever-growing expatriate settlings and the elements associated within. Just because of the constant requirement of residential properties in Dubai and places to fulfill the cause, the ministry of Dubai is always working on the action to build up a program that could help to meet the expectations and needs of the city’s forever growing residency.

According to the latest survey was conducted by officials in the framework, ahead of Expo scheduled in 2020 in Dubai, a total 136 of projects under development are expected to ramp up by the developers of the city so that at least 25 percent of residential units’ requirement could be met up with. As per the reports, it suggests that up to 48,000 freehold aboding units are under construction in the city of Dubai which are expected to be wrapped up by Expo 2020.

Residential Properties in DubaiIn order to provide you a clear and a better perspective of the ongoing projects, we have listed some of the new residential projects in Dubai that are planned to be constructed by 2020 in Dubai.

The developers hovering in Dubai are all set to contribute to the cause of locating and building widespread residential projects in Dubai and with Expo 2020 approaching, Dubai is all set to develop a well settled economy in the region that could also prove fruitful in opening a more open based opportunity to emigrants and fellow individuals in the region.

Al Habtoor City

Al-Habtoor City DubaiDubai seems to be the only city in the world, where luxury could be afforded with the enormous scale of existential constructional projects spread within the territory. Among those projects, Al Habtoor City seems to have emerged as the most awaiting project under construction because of the reasons the project has to offer.

Scheduled to be completed by 2020, Al Habtoor city is estimated to bear a total preliminary cost of $3 billion dollars. The project compromises of triple hotels, a total of three extravagant suburban towers and an aqua theatre based on the classical Las Vegas culture.

Dubai Creek Harbor

Dubai Creek HarborDubai Creek harbor, a districted tower project being constructed under the collaboration of Dubai Holding and Emaar properties. Dubai Creek harbor compromises of six towers that is thought to beat the record of Petronas by constructing the biggest twin tower in the world.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2020, while consisting a total of 22 hotels with a major 39 thousand housing entities lying within.

District One – MBR city

District One ResidencesIn District One Apartments the MBR city is located within few miles of Burj Khalifa extending up to a total area of 440 hectares. This city compromises of a substructure alongside vertical structures that consists of cycling, jogging track. not only this, the widespread area also consists of hospital, entertainment zones and a separate lagoon reserved for kayaking and swimming service.

Scheduled to be completed by 2020, MBR city- district one bears a whopping preliminary cost of $10 billion dollars.

Arabian Ranches 3

Arabian Ranches 3 DubaiThe latest project that has found intense positive reviews within the last few months belongs to Arabian Ranches 3. Arabian Ranches 3 is a newly introduced scheme being supervised under the banner of Emaar properties. Although this third edition of Arabic Ranches is planned to be finalized by the year of 2022 but even after the project has gathered a lot of major attentions worldwide because of the prolific residential schemes and services the project has to offer.

To be continued… Top New Residential Projects in Dubai Part 2

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A Guide to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

You need a real estate agent in Dubai if you are selling or renting your property in this magnificent city. The best real estate agent in Dubai will always be on your side to maximize the profit, and he is honest in his dealings. Buying a new home or a property is not easy because there are countless considerations in this regard. Dubai is the fastest-growing city that is replete with the many real agents. Without an agent in Dubai, you can’t purchase or sell a property at ease. Here is a guide to finding the best real estate agent in Dubai

A Guide to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

It’s not hard to find the best real estate agent in Dubai because there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Following are the characteristics of the best real estate broker;

  • Wide work
  • Experienced
  • License and Local expertise
  • Knows all the minor details
  • Engaging personality
  • Problem solver
  • Honest
  • Quality work with low charges

The real estate companies in Dubai always prefer hiring an agent with these charismatic and unique traits. Let’s discuss these traits of the best real estate broker in detail;

Best Real Estate AgentFirst of all, the agent you are going to hire should have a wide network in the market. The person you are going to hire should have a complete contact list of the seller/buyer and other brokers. Secondly, as there is a rise and fall in the market so an agent should be familiar with actual places and their values. A person who is always up to date with the current value of the place will entertain you better than any agent. He must possess the license and other credentials as well.

A property advisor must possess a charismatic personality to deal with the people. He should know ho to present himself to the people. No one spends his money on a person who literally doesn’t look professional by his personality and deeds. Always consider the problem-solving ability of the broker. Whenever you encounter a problem, the real estate advisor should have an alternate solution.

When you look for the perfect agent, then always consider an honest person. An honest guy doesn’t overpromise, but his words speak the reality.  A dishonest real estate agent can cause major problems for you. Charges also matter when you have a tight budget, so always ask for the charges before hiring someone for you.

Hire Real Estate Agent in DubaWhat to Ask While Interviewing a Real Estate Agent?

Whenever you want a property in dubai to buy, you always have many questions in your mind. Only a professional and dedicated person can solve these riddles. It results in peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Among various questions, the following are the question that you must ask a person before submitting your assignment.

  • Why types of services do you provide?
  • Are you qualified and registered?
  • How much time do you need to sell/purchasing my property?
  • What are the things you consider while valuing a property?
  • What areas in Dubai you cover, and What is your experience in the specific area?
  • How will you price/market my home or property?
  • How much will you cost me?

Useful Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in DubaiTop Real Estate Agent in Duba

Buying selling a property at the desired rates is almost impossible. Only an agent can sort out this problem. However, finding the best real estate agent is always problematic. You need to consider these points when you are hiring the person for this job.

  • You can easily find the best agent by talking to his recent clients.
  • Before hiring someone, please interview an agent. Submit your proposal or idea when you are happy with him.
  • You can find the best real estate broker in Dubai by searching online. You will find an honest review as well as the contact number.
  • You can also find real estate agents in the newspaper and TV.
  • You can ask about the real estate guy from your friends, family, neighbors, and relative.
  • Don’t just rely on an agent who is offering a low price. Consider quality work for life satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Real Estate in DubaiA property agent is someone who helps you out in selling and purchasing a property. This is a guide to find the best real estate company in Dubai. Although its hard to find the best broker in Dubai, but these tips and suggestions will help you to a great extent.

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Top Green Residential Community in Dubai! Akoya Oxygen by DAMAC

Akoya Oxygen Homes

If you are looking for the Top Green Residential Community in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. What comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Dubai’? If you ask this question to about ten people, you will get to listen to a desert. Dubai has brought about countless changes to get out of the harsh climate. With the introduction of horticulture, the sand dunes are now converted into the stunning lush green area. Dubai has so much to offer, and these green residential areas are now increasing with the passage of time. I am going to share a general overview of the Top Green Residential Community in Dubai, which is pretty exciting to know.

Akoya Oxygen The Green Residential Community in Dubai

When it comes to the best green residential community in Dubai, the Akoya Oxygen will always rank on the top. This residential area is full of nature and replete with captivating beauties. Every family wants a green and peaceful neighbor so, this might be the best place to live in.

Akoya Dubai green residential community was developed by DAMAC Properties, and China State Construction Engineering Corporation served as a contractor for the area. This residential area is located in Dubailand.

Notable Amenities in Akoya Oxygen

  • luxury spa complex
  • Plunge Pools
  • School
  • Pharmacy
  • Yoga Enclave
  • organic fresh market
  • Restaurants
  • Vista lux
  • Golf Club
  • monorail
  • The Dubai Rainforest

Akoya Oxygen VillasThere are countless facilities in this residential area. This area offers an organic market to the residents to buy fresh food items. A luxury spa and pool with beautiful flowers add to the beauty of this place. The restaurants in Akoya Oxygen are simply world-class with FSC certified wood. While talking about the amenities for this residential area, how can you forget Vista Lux for its eye-catching waterfront retail and hotel?

As Akoya Oxygen residential area is developed by DAMAC Properties so, the company announced to develop the region’s first rainforest. The introduction of the rainforest in this community was thought to create a natural environment similar to a rainforest. The visitors will have the chance to learn a lot about flora and fauna. However, there is no advancement in this regard. By summing up the amenities as mentioned earlier, you can say that Akoya Oxygen is one of the best and the most peaceful residential community in the UAE.

This area consists of 31 Akoya Oxygen Townhouses with beautiful lush green surroundings, and this project includes the construction of 1600 luxury villas in the area. This project by DAMAC has done a fabulous job, and almost all the work has been completed. All the main roads that link this gorgeous place to the rest of the main centers in the city are constructed. Good thing about this community is that the Burj Al-Arab, Mall of Emirates, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Mall are at the drive of 40,40, 41, and 43 minutes, respectively. While living in such a peaceful place, you can have a chance to see the other landmarks of this magnificent city.

Akoya Oxygen DubaiSub-Communities and Building in Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen Dubai is a home to the best communities in the world. There are about 39 sub-communities in this residential area. The most popular of them are Amargo, Avencia, Basswood, Centaury, Hajar Villas, and Mimosa. Aside from the sub-communities, there are four main buildings in the area, which are as follows; Golfotel, Viridis, Fiora, Golf Verde, and Navitas Hotels.

Why Should You Choose Akoya Oxygen?

Akoya Oxygen ViewAkoya Oxygen community promises cleaner air, moderate temperature, and an appealing road for all the residents. The authorities are responsible for making the city pollution-free, and they took slid steps in this regard. To save energy, the homes are equipped with low-emission paints and air conditioning and solar water heating systems. The area has almost all the facilities of international standards. Have a deep search, and you will find it the best residential community in Dubai.  The Akoya Oxygen Dubai will not only be the largest project in Dubai in terms of home density, but it also represents Dubai’s first integrated carbon and green construction practices.