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A closer look at World Expo 2020- What is happening

On this coming October 1st, 2021 the massive event is ultimately taken place at Expo 2020 site in Dubai. After successfully and safely demonstrated its Sustainability Pavilion “Terra” to more than 100,000 audiences, The Expo 2020 officially declared it is ready to fully open its door to the world. All sounds exciting, but what is really happening inside? What is it arranged to showcase with its invitation to 190 countries of the world? Why is it also named World’s Greatest Show, and what is the main goal of it.

Dubai is the 33rd city to host the World Expo, the third-largest event in the world while bringing the Arab world to host its largest event ever staged. With the main theme of ‘Connecting the minds, Creating the Future’ with sub-items of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, the Expo 2020 is a 6 months-long event. Each week of the program has its own unique focus on how participating country is making the world a better place.

Marjan Faraidooni, CEO of Expo 2020 Dubai says the organization is thrilled to have offered UAE the chance to preview the Sustainability Pavilion, to highlight our dedication to resolve most pressing issues. He also mentions the event will act as an exclusive opening for the world to gather together in a spirit of hope and optimism with common purpose. During the demonstration, the organizer introduced health and safety practices must be followed throughout the events. From social distancing to on-site Covid testing for staffs and merchants all aligned with the medical authorities ensuring well beings of all. They also noted that results of Post Premiere Satisfaction Survey were high and guests were impressed by the cleanliness and service of the event.

The Pavilions

Pavilions representing the countries are the main highlights of the World Expo. There will be 190 pavilions to see in addition to the inventions itself to explore the sheer scale of this event. Each of the themes featured in the Expo will have its own pavilions, The Mobility pavilion brings the visitors on a journey through time. It begins with 9th Century Baghdad and leads though virtual reality and serviced by robotic servants. The Opportunity pavilion is set to inspire people to make for a better world by interactive simulation practices towards the importance of food, water and energy. Lastly, The Sustainability Pavilion shows numerous ways of sustainability concepts in order to convince the world citizens to preserve the Earth.

The UAE Pavilion is 15,000 sq. m large and designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava in a shape of a flying falcon- to tell the history of UAE as a nation of global hub striving to create a progressive and peaceful society with ambitious ideas in the future. The UAE’s pavilion is aimed to present its evolution in aviation industry. From displaying future of commercial flights to showing designs of aircrafts as well as aviation science and experiments offered in the pavilion. Additionally, UAE Pavilion is in charge of hosting light shows every night through the whole Expo event.

In the Expo’s Discovery section, Portugal Pavilion is operating to let visitors learn about blue economy, history, entrepreneurship, marine and water reservation and renewable energy as well as Portugal’s contributions to aerospace with interactive screens. Also, there are Portuguese eateries and a terrace decorated in Portuguese style will be accessible from the its pavilion. The visual spectacles the guest will encounter is one of a kind experience and impressive enough to drag fervor about architecture. Notwithstanding, every pavilion has been injected with a pure hard work and dedication of creativity into exterior and interior designs.


“The World Expo is a celebration of artists and academics rather than a commercial fair or a trade event” says the organizing committee. There will be 60 events each day welcoming tomorrow’s leaders of pioneer thinkers, artists and musicians, culinary experts, corporate gurus and tech savvies. There will be held performances from famous musicians and stars, comedians and cultural events and plenty of parades in all Expo sites. The visitors will witness all sorts of festivals and celebrations from around the world, including Hinduism festival of lights Diwali, The UAE National Day which marks celebration on December 2 and Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year hosted in Expo venue.

Moreover, The Al Wasl Plaza (the name presents “Connect”) will display 360 degree laser projection in and out of the plaza on the steel trellis. So that visitors will get updated on the current shows and ceremonies occurring during the World Expo.


Needless to mention that food plays a major part of every event, in which, undoubtedly resembles a major importance and scale especially in an event of global scale.

There are over 200 eating outlets at Expo, including the best and elected chefs from around the globe to cater over 50 cuisines, including Italian, French, Greek, American, Japanese, Indian, Emirati, and Thai food.

From eating at a food truck or grabbing a quick bite while touring to fine dining experience with a live culinary shows, there will be many ways to satisfy the taste buds with diverse options.  


Fortunately, transportation is widely well managed as in account of this event will be truly a massive occasion in a larger scale attracting many residents and non-residents.

There are in total of more than 30,000 car parking spaces around the site venue and 1,500 valet parking stops available. There are also Careem and Uber perspective points for pick up and drop off passengers and RTA Taxi area is specially placed near the entrance. Lastly, there are dedicated 580 buses routes to Expo and 27 free shuttle buses serving with 8 pick-up and drop-off places.


The Expo passes are in options of Single Day Pass, 3-Day Pass and Monthly Pass (multiple entry for 30 days) as well as seasonal pass which allows its visitor to gain access to the Expo freely during the entire affair. Ticketing exceptions include seniors aged over 65 year old and children aged below 5. Also, tickets are available for cheaper rate for teenagers of 6 to 17 years old for educating purpose.