As one of the leading real estate company of UAE, Texture Properties operates as a full service real estate brokerage and property management organization offering uniquely customized solutions to their clients. We understand that brokerage is more than just business; buying and selling property can be a life-changing process. We accompany our clients every step of the way so that the procedure is not only profitable, but also stress-free. It is our policy to treat every transaction with equal importance, and our brokerage service guarantees transparency and trust, void of hidden costs and conditions.

Texture Properties’ services include: up to date market valuations, guidance and assistance in completing all required paperwork for sales or leasing, transferring of property, tenant management, rental collection, inspections, dispute resolutions, repair, lease renewals and much more.

Our objective is to understand our client’s real estate management goals and needs. Due to Texture Properties’ well connected resources and market insights, our experienced consultants provide professional and genuine guidance for both rental and sales properties.

Our Motto

To provide our valued clients with a complete solution resulting in total “Peace of Mind” because we believe your time is more valuable.

Unique Opportunity for Developers to Work with Us

In 2004, we started with investing in properties of Dubai. Since then, we have successfully integrated a large conglomerate of investors who are now part of our investment acquisition and selling strategy. We work with over 60 registered real estate agencies and over 300 brokers who assist to promote and sell products by Texture. Our complete team on the floor, from sales force to accounts has a wealth of experience in securing deals. This cumulative strength is our ability to bring products immediately and smoothly into the market and penetrate the market much faster and stronger than competitors. The strong brand image created by the well reputed name of “Texture” also assists in marketing projects to their full potential just by promoting them through our intricate agency network, media coverage, online presence and marketing partners. The results of our system have proven to be beneficial and profiting to all including our investors, clients and our team.


To offer the most compelling realty experience possible and to be the best client-centric real estate company.


Our vision is and always be to understand our client’s real estate management goals and needs. We believe in positive change.

Core Value

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in the real estate business that shows our diverse approach and makes us stand out from our competitors.