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Apartment for Rent in Dubai? Why Select Dubai Marina to Stay?

Apartment for Rent in Dubai Marina

Apart from being an amazing destination for tourists across the world, Dubai has also got some of the best residential properties in Dubai. Every single building and residential area are built according to a proper plan allowing the resident to live in a comfortable environment.

From luxurious villas and mansions to studio apartments, this city offers a wide variety of residential units, each one with its unique characteristics. The prices, however, can be a bit high, so one can also find an apartment for rent in Dubai if their bank account restricts them from living in a villa.

Needless to say, that every single apartment for rent in Dubai is constructed and designed in the best possible way. Some residents have come from their native country to work, so they are likely to get an apartment for rent in Dubai for a few years unless they can afford to buy.

However, tourists who visit Dubai for a few months tend to get an apartment for rent in Dubai monthly. This seems like a better option than living in a hotel as it gives them an experience of living in Dubai. Writers seeking inspiration are often seen boarding a plane to Dubai and renting out apartments for a couple of months.

Many films are shot in Dubai, and apartments are rented out for the actors/actresses and other people in higher positions.

Requirements to Rent an Apartment

Requirements to Rent an ApartmentYou cannot just get an apartment or an apartment for rent, as specific conditions must be fulfilled before obtaining tenancy of a place. To get a legal rental agreement in Dubai, a person must submit an address proof of anyone you present as a witness as well as your own.

Does the question arises that what can be used as address proof? Your passport, driving license, ration card, and bank statement can serve as an address proof.

Hire an agent to look for the apartment, but make sure to tell him all about your needs and wants, including the number of bedrooms and provision of necessary facilities. To reserve the apartment for rent in Dubai, you will need to pay a security deposit of 5% of the rent. This is submitted to the agent along with your passport and residence visa copy until the deal is finalized.

After the formation of a contract, please read it to check it complies with the tenant laws in Dubai before signing. The tenant keeps one copy of the signed contract while the other one goes to the landlord. A handover form stating that you are paying a certain amount of money to rent a property as well as the facilities you are availing will also require the tenant’s signature.

Ejari registration tenancy DEWATo get a legal supply of water and electricity, the tenant must submit the following documents for property for DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority);

  • Photocopy of the tenant’s and landlord’s passport
  • DEWA number
  • DEWA form
  • Title deed
  • Dh2000 which is refundable and is separate from the setup charges of Dh110

Next, you have to get Ejari registration, which requires you to submit a few documents as well. These include the original tenancy contract, original receipt of DEWA, a copy of the tenant’s and landlord’s passport, a title deed, and a copy of Emirates ID.

Landlords are allowed to charge any letting fee or additional money to the tenants. This doesn’t allow them to charge any fee for extending the tenancy period.

Rental Apartment in Dubai Marina

Rental Apartment in Dubai MarinaLiving in Dubai Marina is a dream in terms of convenience, offering everything from affordable cafes and restaurants, to massive hypermarkets. The place is always filled with tourists trying to get rental apartments temporarily.

After Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina is next best. It has the views, it has access to the nightlife, it has it all.

Why should you choose to stay in Dubai Marina instead of getting a rental apartment in Dubai? Almost all of the towers in Dubai Marina have basic facilities and so much more to offer to the tourists.

Some might say that living in Dubai Marina feels like home, even if it is temporary. One can quickly get an apartment for rent in Dubai Marina if all the requirements are fulfilled.

Apartment in Dubai MarinaFinal Words

To sum it all up, there are many apartments in Dubai waiting to be rented out. The key thing to understand is to decide the kind of apartment you want to live in according to your budget and needs. Once you have done that, all you need to do is to submit the documents and enjoy the new place.