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Reasons to Buy a Property in Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence JBR

It is safe to say that Dubai is full of residential areas that are not only luxurious but built with perfection as well. The planning they have done to construct the city’s most elite housing areas is commendable.

People from over the globe visit Dubai as tourists while others come to settle, thus, buying a property by the beach or a chic apartment. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is another one of such residencies that attract locals and foreigners alike. It consists of a couple of skyscrapers coloured like sand and has a golden attractive beachfront.

JBR homes offers a great view of the city from the balconies of the apartments that residents can enjoy every day, perhaps, in the evening.

Is this all the information you require to buy a property in Dubai? Certainly not. There are other reasons to buy a property in JBR like its convenient location, more accessible to a clean beach, and so on.

Let’s look at the details Reasons to Buy a Property in JBR Dubai;   

·      Location

The location of JBR is considered to be very convenient for the residents as it is located side by side with Dubai Marina, i.e. another residential area with a fantastic beach and cafes. Jumeirah beach Residence is expanded over a large city, but one can easily access any of its sides through the Shaikh bin Zayed road.

Some people were previously hesitant while deciding to buy a property in Dubai JBR due to the traffic congestion. However, this problem was solved by constructing not one but two tram stations that go right through JBR. It surely helps the residents get to their workplaces in minimal time. In addition to this, the closest metro stations are in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers, both of which are just 10 minutes away from JBR.Buy A Property in Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai

The location of JBR is convenient as all the critical places of Dubai such as Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai are only a few minutes away from here.

·      Modern Residential Units

Everyone knows that property in Dubai, especially household units, are merely unique.  At Jumeirah Beach Residence you can find an apartment you are looking for either to purchase or for rent. There are studio apartments with a different number of bedrooms ranging from 1 to 4.Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai

They are not congested but offers a big space to the residents giving them a feeling of living in a bungalow. As far the pricing is concerned, all the apartments are competitively priced to make it affordable for most of the people.

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·      Recreational Facilities

Usually people living in apartment buildings are stripped off of necessary recreational facilities like parks and gymnasium. However, residents at JBR can enjoy working out at the gym provided within the skyscrapers along with a bunch of cafes to dine at on beautiful evenings.Properties in Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai

There are swimming pools as well as a fully functioning beach with bars and restaurants, allowing you to relax near your residence. There is a cinema (both indoor and outdoor), including grocery shops, and several designer outlets are just a walk away.

Moreover, it would only take a 10-minute walk for you to pay a visit to the Marina Mall. Typically, this information alone is enough to convince people to buy a property in La Vie JBR Dubai.

·      AtmosphereBuy A Property in JBR Dubai

The overall environment of Dubai JBR is rare to find while living in apartments. There are lush gardens and green parks offering a lively atmosphere and fresh air for the residents to breathe. It is a perfect place for you to raise a family where your children could enjoy playing outside in evenings safely.

Moreover, people who live here like to walk instead of driving because of the whole infrastructure, including the sidewalks which are extraordinary. JBR offers its residents a total of 360 views of some of Dubai’s iconic place such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj ul Arab, Ain Dubai, and many more.