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Dubai Land

Dubai Land is the world’s biggest entertainment and leisure project by Dubai Properties in terms of number of attractions and size of the land itself- which spans about 3 million square feet. It is home to IMG Worlds of Adventure, and AL Habtoor Polo & Resort Club sprawl across multiple communities. There are numerous residentials include Akoya Oxygen, Mudon, Falcon City of Wonders, City of Arabia and Al Waha community. The area is a freehold and has become increasingly popular due to a lot of new projects are being introduced. The district is often called The Disney Land of the Middle East as it has more than 50 attractions and still counting.


There are currently 45 proposed large projects and 200 small projects being constructed to be fitting in Dubailand. Akoya Oxygen is a luxury villa project around a golf course and City of Arabia is a standalone community for mixed use aiming modern living and minimal use of private transportations. Falcon city of Wonders is another self-contained community with villas and townhouses as well as a theme park and community centers. The developer has built the Falcon City in a shape of a falcon and contained seven wonders of the world in modern versions.

Apart from being famous among tourists and visitors and it is popular for investors because of availability of range of properties and inexpensive rates on rents as well as on buying in comparison to other sides of the city.


One can find apartments vary from studios to 3 bedrooms, villas of 2-6 bedrooms and townhouses available of 1 to 4 bedrooms. Costs and designs are available in different styles with affordable units and distinctive amenities with luxurious units. In short, Dubailand might be the next center of most residentials. Small families, couples and individuals can choose from 1 bed flats or studios covering space of 750 sq ft to 850 sq ft and studios of 400 to 600 sq ft respectively. If they get to choose a villa or townhouse that would be spanning a standard size of 2000 sq ft. Or more private and more luxurious estates would take up to 9,000 sq ft for the living area. Al Habtoor Polo Resort residences enable avant-garde designs in their luxury villas built according to contemporary architecture.

Return of Investments

1 bedroom apartments are generating 5.9% in Dubailand from the investments statistics and popularly in Skycourts Towers as being accessible to highways and other amenities. Highest yield comes from luxurious villa of 3 bedrooms from Living Legends and Falcon for high end consumptions. And lastly most popular community is Rukan in Wadii All Safa once emphasized as one of the most valuable opportunities of this year.


A plenty of parking spaces are available in Dubailand as its quite scarcely congested, so public conveyance is highly convenient for residences. Independent villas have their dedicated covered porches and street parking available everywhere while apartments have their basement parking provided in all the buildings. Public transportation is not that strong as metro lines haven’t reached to the area yet. But there are still several other options like a feeder shuttle buses from few stations around Windsor Residence, Skycourts Towers and from Liwan. More bus stops are also available at Global Village and Silicon Oasis connecting to Union metro station.


Dubailand is rich with amenities  like supermarkets, outlets, mini-marts, eateries. The Villa community will be directly accessing to Spinneys, Skycourts residents are conveniently head to Lifco, Westzone Supermarkets and many more are connected to another.

There are a couple of nurseries now available to find such as Chubby Cheeks Nursery and Kids Zone Nursery near The Villa community and Skycourts Tower. Though, there are few more nearby Dubai Silicon Oasis community, the nurseries in Dubailand is quite limited.


Thus, there are many schools sited in the area as a representation of full fledged community.  The schools are following UK and International Curriculums offer International Baccalaureate systems for the students make the community perfect for both locals and expats families to reside in. There is also Dubai International Academic City which has campuses of world’s renowned universities such as Herriot Watt University, Emirates Aviation University, Zayed University and many more. The campuses are located beside Windsor Residences and Skycourts Tower.  


Residents of Dubailand are covered by a number of medical centers and clnics. There is Ace Medical Center in Skycourt Tower D and there is the Dr Kamkar Medical & Physiotherapy Center in Majan and bigger ones namely Aster cinics and Sulaiman Faqeeh Hospital in the area.


Landmarks include The Farm at Al Barari has a variety of fine dining options with a tropical like surroundings and there are quite a few restaurants nearby Al Qudra road and in Arabian Ranches area. High end dinings are available at the Equestrian and Polo Club where the guests can lounge in a relaxing outdoor bar and restaurant.

The Farm at Al Barari


Most of the buildings are fairly close to or directly accessible to the highways, Al Qudra Road (D63), Emirates Road (E611) and Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Motor City and Sports City are close neighbors to Dubailand, and Mudon, Silicon Oasis were once part of the development.


Global Village is a huge attraction that hosts Dubai Shopping Festival and is a place of worldwide entertainments and pavilions. And there is the world’s largest indoor theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure of Marvel and Cartoon Networks. Dragon Mall also hosts daily concerts and numerous events for the community. One can say that residents in Dubailand will be spoilt with activities and events all year round.

Out of the various new malls in Dubai, there will be the world’s first nature-themed mall opening in Dubailand called Cityland Mall next to the Global Village. Also as for interest in the golf industry has been immensely increasing in Dubai, Living Legends 9-hole golf course is just being developed. It features a Golf School of Butch Harmon’s and several shopping and dining spots.

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Palm Jumeirah

Islands of the Dream

The historical project, which is named one of the additions to the world’s seven wonders, got kick-started in 2001 and took 6 years to finish by developer Nakheel. Dubai’s palm islands are the largest man-made islands in the world and named after the shape of the structure from the aerial view. No doubt these islands successfully got transformed are formed to be the greatest holiday destinations. There are total of 3 palm islands in Dubai include Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira and Palm Jumeirah, however Palm Jumeirah is the only island open for visiting.

As Dubai’s oil supply got dwindled Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum envisioned to attract more interest to Dubai by teaming up with local developer Nakheel. The feat which had previously been difficult to attract visitors got effectively took place while the project got finished within the time and it applied 12 million pounds of rock and 28 million cubic meters of sand which equals to 53 million pounds in weight.

No Palm Trees

Despite the fact that the Palm islands were named after palm trees, there is no actual presence of palm trees on the island. Instead, there are quite many residential buildings – 4000 residential villas, 5000 waterfront apartments, and 60 high-end hotels and hotel apartments located through the Palm Islands. There are a number of harbors, shopping malls, restaurants, health spas, sports facilities, cinemas as well as diving areas. 

Palm shape


Living or staying in Palm Jumeirah is absolutely an opulence experience like no others. It is home to the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, and commercial attraction The Crescent, The Trunk an116 Fronds. Also it has homes of many celebrities including David Beckham and Shahrukh Khan.
As you notice that Palm area is a freehold anybody can buy and own a home on this island. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah, the prices start for a freehold would be minimum AED 639k and whopping AED 3.5M for villas depending on the side of the palm land. As per current listing of leases, studio apartments start from AED 60k and AED 70k to AED 195K for one bedroom apartments selections from few such as Tiara Residences, Seven Palm and Muraba Residences


Building giant sand islands can change an ecosystem in a shocking twist says the environmentalists. Many experts argue on the project that the mega dredging has dramatically changed the wave of the water, climate temperature erosion patterns of the Gulf, moreover, it killed coral of square size of a mile.  Thus the developers claim that Palm Jumeirah’s breakwater will continue to bring more life to the marine area.

Aerial view

Perks of living in Palm Jumeirah

Amongst everything, the biggest benefit is the breathtaking direct waterfront view from every apartments on the palm. Serene setting with direct beach access from every building is just everyone’s dream place to be. Especially the villas on Palm Jumeirah mostly comes with either private or direct access to the beaches. The master development is away from the city’s noise and offers an untroubled and restful home for anyone who wants to stay away from complexities.


Palm Jumeirah can be considered a city of its own because everything is attainable here- schools, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and daycares. So the residents don’t have to commute to the city for medicals or to a store- they have it all in the Palm. Dubai Marina and Media City are in close proximity to Palm Jumeirah, make the islands convenient for young professionals and family looking for luxury. Convenience stores giants like Carefour, Choithrams and Organic Foods & Cafes, the UAE’s biggest organic food retailer are present in Palm Jumeirah. Also parents can bring their little ones to Asya’s Nursery and Redwood Montessori for day cares and quick medical check-ups can be done at Emirates Hospital Clinics and Al Das Medical Clinic with hassle free trips in the neighborhood. There is a gorgeous Al Ittihad Park on the Palm area where previously Donald Trump had proposed a huge construction on before the 2008 financial crisis. Palm Strip Mall and Golden Mile Galleria are there for a quick shopping fix and Nakheel Mall is a new comprehensive establishment where you cannot find anything you can’t find here. The Pointe is a place for a repertoire of activities including trendy lounges and shisha cafes for quality times.

Atlantis Hotel

Challenges of living in the Palm

Although there could be an endless list of what might be advantages of living and residing in Palm Jumeirah, there are few things have to be taken into consideration when renting or purchasing a property in Palm Jumeriah area. First of them is, transportation is a problem for commuting to Palm Jumeirah if you are routinely going in because the area is not connected to Dubai Metro and there is a monorail which costs around 30 Dhs solely going to Palm- this poses a challenge if working in the city. Another thing that poses a challenge is that a amount of noise and dust due to a lot of constructions are still under process.

Prestigious living

Prestigious environment costs, besides, renting and buying, fairly high while it comes with prestigious mark ups on the regular items. Exclusive lifestyle and high cost of living here cater to highly selective individuals – to live up to its certainty of luxury in Dubai. Therefore,  living in Palm Jumeirah work as one’s status symbol in terms of business profile and in media industry.   

Though, it strikes a couple of challenges for living in Palm, most certainly the number of advantages and benefits will surpasses the number of disadvantages. Its surely enticing enough to live in Palm Jumeirah.

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Sunset view

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Living in Dubai Marina

Location of high-profile

Dubai Marina is located between Sheikh Zayed road and Gulf- makes it ideal for people commute to the capital city Abu Dhabi. Dubai Marina is serviced by both metro and the only tram in Dubai and access to Sheikh Zayed road is easy. This part of the city presents ‘new’ Dubai and its 30-minute drive away from ‘old’ Dubai, Bur Dubai and Deira. Dubai Marina has its own mall Dubai Marina Mall and it’s about 10 minutes away from nearby shopping malls. Dubai Marina is proximate to Media City and Internet where Multinational Corporations have offices, seems convenient to work and live in the areas respectively. Famous developments Bluewaters Island and Palm Jumeirah is just a few minute drive away from Dubai Marina.

An appeal of living in Dubai Marina is how easy to commute with or without a car going in and out of city. This is perfect for tourists and visitors to get around to explore the marvelous townhood. One can never get bored taking a night walk by the side of tall high-end towers with gorgeous waterfront views and exciting events all around in an abundance of luxurious amenities.

Property Choices

There are well offered 200 towers built by a few different developers with a wide range of selections and prices and more upscale towers are in JBR, where standalone 40 towers sited for the higher cost of living. Emaar’s developments are considered the best quality among other developments in this area. Dubai Marina is also home to Princess Tower, the world’s second tallest residential building, and the notable Cayan tower, the world’s biggest beautiful twisting tower.
There are still a number of buildings are under construction and the area is quite congested with tall buildings. Another critical thing that’s into consideration is that there is not enough visitors parking. Although there could be good rental and sales deals available due to a large amount of supply, note that biggest disadvantages of living in Dubai Marina is high rental costs and a distance from downtown and western side of Dubai.


Dubai Marina is an excellent place for small families and young professionals who are non-drivers – ideal for walking kids and getting daily refreshment around homes. Convenience of everything at the doorstep lifestyle, living in a high rise residential building while groceries to be delivered at home, this is something Dubai Marina offers you in contrast of typical Dubai life in other communities.


The well-stocked Dubai Marina mall is a spot of retails of international brands and Marina Walk has a full-fledged stretch along the river that is full of trendy eateries, bars and nightclubs. The area itself is dotted with beauty parlors, gyms and tour attractions on the water. There are quite a few world class hotels contributing to the nightly entertainment options. The lack of presence of schools or nurseries in the area shows Dubai Marina targets young expats- offered sociable lifestyle. And it’s a vibrant community where there are many boardwalks enjoying water side view starting from Grosvenor House, to the other end of the marina which is Dubai Marina Yacht Club and more beyond.   

Almost all of the residential buildings have high standard amenities onsite, include swimming pools, BBQ pit and its dedicated space and fully equipped gyms for residents’ well beings. The area is wholly made of apartment buildings that provide studios, 1-4 bedroom flats, penthouses and duplexes.


Dubai Marina is the epitome of urban luxury completed with over 200 residential buildings. The sought-after buildings were finished with high quality interiors and spacious bright designs complemented with magnificent views of the gulf and skyline. Dubai Marina towers are offering competitive prices in 2021 in the real estate market – prices of studio apartments yearly rental is around Dhs 42,500 and one bedroom apartments average at Dhs 60,000. For purchasing, buyers would expect more flexible scheme of payments this year, thus, average of 600 thousands dirhams for a studio flat and 950k on average for 1 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina.

JBR Beach

A Beach opposite of Jumeirah Beach Residences is a charming yet relaxing district with a variety of restaurants and a range of activities and amusements.

The sunny beach so easily accessible from the main road and is total get-away from a bustling city. In that account, hundreds of visitors come to the district for a little break. There are plenty of things you can do at the beach, from a shoreline dining to parasailing and other watersports, you will find all the beach activities around here. Kids can enjoy in banana boats and a train along the shoreside. Tourists can ride a camel around the beach and there is a running track and volleyball court for people feeling sporty. Winding down with a popcorn in the cinema complex would be ideal for everyone if not, the visit coincides with end of the day, visitors can encounter some live performances at the joint.

Marina Walk

A paved walkway with 305 shops and 69 elegant restaurants is the world famous Dubai Marina Walk. This beachfront walkway is a perfect destination for walking and dining- whole area is 7km dedicated pedestrian – breezy environment full of things to do. There are public events often happening at the huge Cobblestone Boulevard for attracting many visitors. Therefore, sometimes walking the area might be quite challenging as its gets too crowded from time to time. There are outdoor markets and shops selling jewelry, precious soaps and artisan made souvenirs which makes the place more lively and vibrant.
Dubai Marina Walk has become a true lifestyle destination, thanks to variety of leisure, shopping and dining selections. Some of the largest brands and top restaurants in this al fresco setting made the Marina Walk one of the iconic place to live and stay.

In this lovely community, cycling and jogging in the dedicated track with a fantastic view in the right season will let the stress away. Alternatively, you can go to a spa amongst the marina view to indulge yourself a more relaxing time.

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JBR Beach

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‘Bluewaters’ Most Awaited Waterfront homes

Bluewaters Dubai by MERAAS

Bluewaters is a world-class project by MERAAS, includes a monumental development Ain Dubai, an 210 meters tall Ferris wheel, and high-quality elegant residences that occupy only limited residency along with a wide range of shopping outlets and lavish eateries that serve international cuisines. 

It is easy to spot the Bluewaters from distance by its gigantic Ain Dubai’s lightnings. The 6 Billion Dirhams complete man-made project is visible from nearby beaches and estimates about 300 meters away off the shore of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Thus, JBR residents can witness the exceptional view of luxurious waterfront living of total 600 residences in lavish penthouses, apartments, and townhouses sitting near high-end beach clubs and amenities.

This new area which in aggressive development is a new outdoor attraction in Dubai that is conveniently located in the heart of a bold new vision for the city. It could be identified as a fusion of innovation and creativity. It is sited right next to a home of flamingos sanctuary– Ras Al Khor wildlife.

The gigantic wheel has been on attention for quite a bit of time illuminating the coastal surroundings. There is no doubt this island will be nothing but a symbolic architectural piece of the modern world. While the Ain Dubai is the world’s largest observatory wheel, the island Bluewaters is the newest man-made creature of Dubai in 2021.


There are remarkable residential offerings and listing for people who would like to stay in a high-profile destination. The master development has elegant mid-rise residential buildings which will occupy 698 apartments, 17 townhouses, and 4 luxurious penthouses. Apartments in Bluewaters Residences, selections of 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, have full ceiling length glass windows for an unobstructed marvelous view of the sea and the observatory wheel. And 5 bedroom apartments penthouses provide 360 view of the whole area- island and the sea.   


Bluewaters Island is defined as an all-in-one high-end destination where residents and visitors can experience sea breeze at their dining tables and world-class entertainment at the side of the world’s biggest observation wheel. The island hosts a number of amusement centers include renowned Madame Tussauds Museum and Large Cinema as well as stunning vertical gardens featured gigantic flowers shaped structures.


It was built with ease of access to public beaches connected by pedestrian bridges. Residences can enjoy beach-like lifestyles all year round and can enter directly to Sheikh Zayed Road via their dedicated Bluewaters road without a hassle and traffic. Residential parking is separate from the retail area and has different access to it and has over 2400 parking slots. Also, visitors and residences may travel with the new monorail ride for the more convenient trip going in and out of the island.

The master plan of the island


Bluewaters envisions a new style of island living in a metropolitan city. It is carefully designed for people who enjoy beach breezes at the waterfront with a panoramic view of the sea, also have every necessity is within reach by walking. By this, it means its residents do not have to travel to the town for basic gourmets and supplies. And they can tuck into any of the wide selections of restaurants set by the sea or get a superb 5-star service at the Caesars Palace Bluewaters Resort.  

Meraas Bluewaters Buildings

Bluewaters Buildings are within a sight of Dubai Marina, a short drive from Abu Dhabi and just connected to the Sheikh Zayed road conveniently. Meraas will operate a rapid transit that offers a driverless monorail service besides the 265 meters long linking pedestrian bridge that makes the area exhilarating to visit. Inside an apartment, there is a state of art living arrangements done with a higher standard nonpartisan palette with a joint of Scandinavian wooden floors with tantalizing metallic finishes. An open plan kitchen has state-of-art Italian concept and seamless touch ups designed for contemporary lifestyle. All of the apartments have widespread views of the sea, Ain Dubai, and a boulevard or greenery through floor-to-ceiling windows. Residential facilities include gyms, children’s playground, swimming pools, a basketball court, and contemporary style gardens. There is a central landscaped podium for residences to encourage their community living, and the basement level is dedicated respectively for the residence and guests parking. The development as a whole boasts 32 shopping spaces in strategic locations especially dedicated for the convenience of residents.

Caesars Palace Dubai

Caesars Palace Dubai

The world famous “Caesars Palace” Las Vegas is coming to Dubai Bluewaters, with more exciting features and jaw dropping experiences providing by its signature hospitality. The Las Vegas originated hotel chain will follow its legacy of all year round entertainment- leading theatre acts, magicians and comedians on the house at The Rodunda. Empire and Roam clubs are for families, kids and younger adults- handy for families looking for island seclusions.  

Caesars Palace Bluewaters is also partnering up with world famous restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, Zhen Wei and “Paru” by Akira Back to bring a foodie haven.

Caesars Palace offers 1-4 bedrooms short-term and long-term leases with high end hospitality -the guests and residents will be able to access alone to the private beach that is stretched out from the island, as well as exclusively admit to The Cove beach club. The dazzling beach overlooks the shimmering waters of Arabian Gulf and facing outward of one of a kind island coast.

Design & Technology

One of the unique aspects of the development is its elevated residency levels above its “podium” car park. Due to the technique of construction, the island’s basement space is quite limited, therefore they lifted the residential ground floor 10 meters above than the street level and designed the podium car park. Another charm of the edifice is that its townhouse typology of the living area to create direct access to the water edge.

The project is entitled as one of the most celebrated offshore constructions of the 21st century, an iconic destination in Dubai – by the successful collaboration of big fish Meraas and 10 DESIGN.“ Bluewaters, a master venue of residential, retail, entertainment and hospitality, is expected to attract nothing less than 3 million visitors every year, which contributes Dubai to attain its goal of 20 million visitors per year.

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – A visit to Meraas BlueWater residential area apartment. Leslie Pableo for The National

Dream comes true

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Dubai Creek Harbour, The best for living

Live a life at Dubai Creek

World’s tallest iconic tower Burj Khalifa will be soon surpassed by a new development “The Tower” in the magnificent Dubai Creek harbor- an eccentric place with beautiful views. Dubai Creek Harbor is now one of the best attractions in Dubai and still in progress of expansion with a plenty of modern touch and artsy features. At night you can capture a mesmerizing sunset at the harbor and the new Dubai in a single frame while strolling through the best photo shoots area of Dubai. It could be more tempting with an experience of one hour boat ride of sightseeing tour at the cheapest price cost you only Dhs 20.

This new area which in aggressive development is a new outdoor attraction in Dubai that is conveniently located in the heart of a bold new vision for the city. It could be identified as a fusion of innovation and creativity. It is sited right next to a home of flamingos sanctuary– Ras Al Khor wildlife.

An iconic Dubai Creek Harbor is in a location where only 10-minute of drive from Downtown, and only 18 mins away from Dubai international airport. Residential buildings are fairly situated on the bank of historical Creek side- which is more fascinating. Innovative designs, unconventional designs and a perfect combination of dynamic experiences and serene ambiences makes your living a worthwhile to celebrate every day.  

A perfect stretch of world class apartments and a Marine club that is a home of eclectic cultures resembles a new image of Dubai. A serene life close to water with remarkable surroundings in the world class residences – where eating, shopping is just a stone away.   

Spectacular amenities, offices complexes and state of art facilities dedicated for sports and recreational activities make a new standard for a living in Dubai. A vibrant neighborhood offers a distinctive lifestyle that is rich with creative scenes dedicated to families and its excellency caters to all kinds of people include single professionals too.

Easy access

The residential area is easily connected to other areas of the town, whilst nearest metro station is Creek station, and nearest landmarks are Swiss International Scientific School and Jaleel Hospital. The residential projects in this area are The Cove, Dubai Creek Residences, Creek Gate, Creekside 18, Harbor Views, Harbor Gate and Creek Horizon.

There are a number of boutique cafés and restaurants serve brunch, dinners indoor and outdoor. One of them is The Terrace offering outdoor seating directly facing to the infamous flamingos sanctuary Ras Al Khor Wildlife. The belt also offers variety of entertainment and shopping pleas through the stretch of the developments. Dubai Design District, the home for major entertainment and nightlife scene, is also within a near proximity to this area.

About Sanctuary

Running over 6.2 square kilometers, Ras Al Khor sanctuary is one of the world’s few urban protected areas for home to about 450 species- some are endangered animals. This beautiful establishment makes a mark in Dubai’s attractions. You can enjoy bird watching experiences from 3 locations where they give chances of close views of the birds.  


Although, this place is not for a complete isolation structure, living in any of these would be a heaven for families with small children. What it might not be suitable for is perhaps people prefer living away from busyness of the city. Neighborhood is consisted of apartments and modern buildings rather for younger energy and livelihood. There are playgrounds and pools for kids and day-cares as well as family recreational centers along with eateries and retails in this area. If you are fan of that, this place will not disappoint you with future openings.
Prices may range but these vast developments are introducing 1-4 bedroom apartments have uninterrupted views of Dubai sky-lines and beachfront water waves.

Iconic Tower

A 928 meters tall The Tower (upstaging Burj Khalifa by 100 meters) will be towering as a centerpiece of this development. Timeless structure will be the next symbolic representation of Dubai and of course the neighborhood value will indisputably increase upon event. One of the perks of living in this area is that it’s situated close to Dubai’s popular business districts and historical waterfront places are around it.

Japanese Cherry  blossoms and Singapore Giant trees

Real estate mogul EMAAR launched a video “The Future of Living” in 2018 of what Dhs 3.65 billion suburb would look like. Japanese cherry blossoms blooming on the banks of Ras Al Khor Sanctuary surrounding greenery and flamingos. Replanted Singapore Giant tree garden in Dubai’s man made sanctuary and other man made marvels are few of other pleasing connotations in Dubai’s Creek Harbor.

Parks and Promenade

Emaar is a master of world’s largest water fountains. So no new introduction needed for what they are proposing next for choreographed water shows and establishments. Residents of Dubai Creek Harbor will be able to stroll via central park and promenades at The Cove’s, the pathway built for jogging and recreational activities. They can also easily go for a day’s boating at Yacht club, a sundowner and a fabulous view. Dubai Mall is another hub of numerous attractions like cinemas, retails and restaurants, which is just a short ride away.


Located at the junction of E311 and E44, laid between Dubai Production City and Motor City. Its location gives a definite ease of access to East, West and the Northern Emirates. For visitors, both Dubai international airports can be reached within 30 minutes by car and other landmarks such as Al Barsha and Mall of the Emirates are just a stone away from Dubai Creek Harbor.

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Live in Sanctuary

Island and Sanctuary District in this project is an ecologically responsible concept for natural living. Emaar is looking to future as it will be nature and technology combination and a sustainable lifestyle and green living to feel alive. Residents will explore, and discover a new way of living by their very deep soul and heart of the city.
If you would like to find out more, Texture Properties is here to give more details of the developments.

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Dubai property market 2021 is a seller’s market

Dubai Property market has leaned towards a seller’s market

The housing market, like any other market, is a cyclical phenomenon moved by a number of factors such as consumer’s behavior and interest rates. As you can assume, when there is more demand and more potential buyers than homes there cause a shortage of supply, in another word, seller’s market. A buyer’s market, on the other hand, briefly means its more homes than potential buyers.

The size and scale of Dubai’s real estate market has made it attractive to many investors before and during pandemic time and now the market leans towards to seller’s market characteristics. Low interest rates and lower prices generate record setting demand this year in the market. And the interest rates are likely to stay low throughout this year and keeps introducing new consumers. Even during this recession, surprisingly, homes will be continuing to go to their new owners at a breakneck pace.

Record-breaking sales

This year in January, It has been shown record breaking sales since past 13 years history in Dubai’s property market. It is due to devious fear of missing out factor plays the role when something goes sold. If a property goes sold, others who were looking at that property simply intend to find another property similar. Consequently, one successful transaction of one particular property leads to few similar properties set in demand. We can say that Springs and Victory heights are two of the most highly demanded developments since its initial phase of successful sales.

“Buyer to Seller ratio is currently almost eight to one on highly demanded projects”, a source tells. This creates a lack of options to the buyers and it bring back prices to what it was like before the appealing season.

What is more outrageous is that Customers enquiry data of Texture Property shows there are waiting lists for certain properties before they even reach to online portals such as Property Finder and Dubizzle. It’s solely because of the common sense amongst buyers just the way how its exercised in any open market. What we are witnessing is that buyers are reaching out to agencies to learn what options are coming out available rather than watching those portals to offer what’s available. It implies that how much Dubai’s real estate market matured throughout these years and consumers are confident enough to pre demand on whatever they like. It is almost like pre-ordering what new in the menu from your favorite restaurant.

First-time buyers represent 74 percent of total

LTV and low-interest rates are definitely the dominating factors encouraging buyers to step into the real estate market bladder. Meantime, first-time homeowners are representing 74 percent of the total buyers this year as LTV and lower interest rates schemes specifically designed for first time home buyers made it the best time ever happened in Dubai’s real estate market.

High-demand units are attracting many buyers considering to pay even more, while the rest are putting their names in the waiting list of their favorite projects and very few are holding off on purchasing cheaper units at the time the price slightly drops.

Are buyers impulsively interested in only what fellows are interested in? No. Study shows that highly anticipated projects are the ones those which have high-quality finishes and ready to move in (some are even fully furnished by the developer). People are not negligent enough to check the most affordable selections or those are on off-plans.

This is a big reclamation since 2014 for Dubai’s secondary, or completed property market and it’s expected to be continued its recovery or may even climb up higher until end of this year.

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The total number of transactions year to date is worth around 14.50 billion. February had the most sales transactions worth AED 7.43 billion which is more than half of what is already made to date. Property finder data reveals the number of transactions increased 10.2 percent more in terms of value and 15.6 percent from January in terms of volume. The number is quite high this year is also because of the massive movement of residences who would change or upgrade their rental homes during this golden period.

If you’re looking to buy a home, timing in this seller’s market could be a key concern. In the midst of what’s called seller’s market, you’ll see many properties vanish as soon as they hit the property market. Instead of contemplating on your financing ends, you should start doing your research on what is the real market trends and what is the true outcome of your potential investments, so you don’t lose out on what could be your ideal gains.

If you’d like to learn more about the newest trends in the market, Texture Properties can help you. All you have to do is go to the contact section and fill out the respective forms so that one of our consultants will approach you at your convenience.

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What Dubai is set to look like in 2040

Dubai has emerged during past decades into a modern cosmopolitan city with a wide range of developments and complex productions. Since 1960, Dubai’s population has surged about 100 times and its urban development expanded 400 times respectively. Hence the city’s growth is immensely economic driven thus its spatial urban development is design-led so far.

Dubai 2040 is the seventh urban plan to be brought into the emirate since 1960, 11 years before the unification of the UAE. Between then and today, the city’s population has grown from 40,000 to 3.3 million.

Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum officially launched

The plan was initially announced in October last year. The official launch was made by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum last Sunday emphasizing the main projections and main criteria of urbanization of the city- mainly to increase recreational side and economical activities through 2040.  

More greenery planning

The plan seeks an ambitious development in the core of urban planning and to express the Vision of Dubai’s leadership and adopt a sustainable and competitive approach to achieve a city of excellence. It includes a few major points of goals to deliver its innovative strategies for spatial planning and development.

· The key goals and schemes are :

1. The plan will make the city become more nature havens by 60 percent. The master plan seeks more greeneries and natural experiences around the city.

2. Boost the resident population by 5.8 million within 20 years. The economy-driven city is planning on more initiations towards encouraging more number of residency. The current population stands at 3.38 million, according to government data.  

3. Two additional urban cities are planned to develop.

4. Dedicated green parks and recreational areas to increase by 105 percent. Thus this proposes to improve the quality of living as a family in Dubai as residents.

5. Issuance of urban planning law and establishment of integrated service centers to support sustainable development.

6. 55 percent of the population will live within 800 meters from public transport stations. Now the urban planning focuses on the ease of transportation for residents who go and come from work. 

7. Education and healthcare facilities increase by 25 percent

8. 168 sq km land dedicated to industrial and economic activities

9. 400 percent more public beaches. The beach projects were introduced at Dhs 500 million.

10. The country’s economy is heavily driven by its tourism and hospitality sector. Thus, projected hospitality and tourism increase by 134 percent.

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· 5 Main zones development

Development plan focus is split into five main zones: Downtown / Business Bay (global financial hub), Deira / Bur Dubai (city’s historical essence), Dubai Marina / JBR (tourism and entertainment), Expo 2020 (international gate for exhibitions and events), and Dubai Silicon Oasis (knowledge and innovation center). It’s also stated that old districts will be revitalized and converted to Emirati housings under the new planning.

·  The Zones and Neighbors

Source: Arabian News

The “people-led” expansion plan aims to improve community and accessibility across the emirates, proposing service centers and projects 55 percent of the total population will reside within 800m from public transport stations.

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The Plan took into account the impact of the recent global economic downturns; and considered a wide range of issues related to the socio-economic dimensions, the natural and built environments, infrastructure, geographic context, cultural perspectives, community and accessibility, and economic capability. The Plan aims at unveiling a vibrant and competent city that is once again the global leader, promotes flexible and responsive land use, and a sustainable and green environment that allows its residences to live a quality lifestyle.

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Real Estate Investors eligible for UAE citizenship

UAE recently announced that for the first time ever in the GCC region, other nationalities can now apply to become citizens of the country.

About 80% population consists of expatriates in this country- liberalizing the residence is a definite move to make the economy cycle healthier.

This reform is indisputably a historical event because the Emirati passport which was previously not possible to obtain can allow to travel to 72 countries in the world with no visa and highly ranked amongst other passports. This might be intimidating news for noble engineers and scientists residing all around the world.

So who is eligible to gain Emirati citizenship?

Eligibility applies to only highly selective individuals who are investors, doctors, scientists, or other high-profile specialists that are actively engaged to their work and expected to contribute to the country. This just sounds about impossible to many applicants.

Apart from these criteria, the candidates must own a property in UAE. However, there is no application process; investors must be nominated by the UAE cabinet, courts, and executive councils.

It makes sense for the country to retain social and cultural integrity. Also, this is not a standard citizenship context where you can show a paper of investments statements and possibly could obtain the citizenship within a few weeks time in other countries.

Nonetheless, this new reform can be a start of many more good things – initiating future possibilities for “normals” to apply for its citizenship.

Do we have any other ways?

The UAE had previously implemented a system to grant long-term residence visas, which is commonly known as a ‘Golden Visa’. This visa enables foreigners to live, work and study in the UAE with 100 per cent ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland. The visa is granted on either a 5 or 10-year basis and can be continuously renewed.

10 years golden visa

Previously longest term residence visa was known as a ‘Golden visa’ as it caters to only big investors and business entities owners who are successful and stable to run businesses inside the UAE and 5 to 10 years basis according to the size of the investment. This visa allows holders to work and live in UAE with fully ownership of their businesses. And it can be renewed continuously on certain conditions.

In order to be eligible for the 10-year visa, the applicant must have made 10 million dirhams outlay and it has to be preserved for at least 3 years in this country. Successful entrepreneurs and outstanding students can apply for the second noble residency permit which is 5 years visa.

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Retirement Visa Alternative

Another way for expats who wish to stay in UAE at the end of their career is the UAE’s Retirement Visa. Expats who are over the age of 55 can get a long-term residence if they put their money in a property worth at least AED 2 million, have financial savings of AED 1 million and above or, have a monthly income of a minimum of AED 20,000 for the past 3 years.

What about the family

The visa status also considers immediate or non-immediate eligibility for their spouses, children, and their families — to acquire either the visa and citizenship.

You can also compare to 2020 approach: Investment approach last year

As can be seen, one can consider more options to reside in UAE now. Apart from quite a few criterions to qualify for long term basis residency- one clear point is its required that candidates must have a property in UAE for further process. If you are thinking of making the UAE your permanent place of residence, then please talk to one of our expert agents, who will be able to help you find the best solutions and perfect property to settle.

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