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Rentals of furnished apartments in Dubai

Furnished Apartments in Dubai

Dubai is the land of architecturally designed buildings, contemporary shopping malls, and luxurious hotels. The city has been evolved as a prodigious tourist attraction over the past decades. Since the pandemic, Dubai has led the world as per the recovery rate in the main industries; tourism and real estate. Great turnover of the tourist and visitors has been observed since the beginning of this year and it’s in a strong phase of its retainment. As an increasing number of guests and participants’ arrivals are predicted through this summer in preparation of Expo, short term rentals demand is surging in Dubai.

Traditionally most apartments for rent in Dubai are offered at annual lease. But for many reasons, global trend is moving towards to short term rental basis. If you are somebody who is not sure of longevity of the stay, or a person who travels frequently, or you are one of those expo participants or guests coming to Dubai for a couple of weeks; short term rentals are definitely on the look for you. Thus, there are pros and cons of having short term rentals. Pros include its luxury of being able to change places without a struggle with security deposit, in converse, it comes as only fully furnished option.

Luxury Apartments in Dubai

There are currently many websites operating for short term rentals for furnished apartments in Dubai with a plethora of apartments from economy to luxury in primary and non-primary locations to choose from. Furnished luxury apartments in Dubai is eminent for its expensive extravagance accommodation for vacationers, itinerants, and tourists visiting the city. On the other hand, there are many landlords are offering comfortable and low-price short stays as well. This city has become a wonderland and land of opportunities, attracting tourists and folks around the globe for different purposes while short rentals are major interests because high rental fees are usually not affordable by the numerous folks.

Why furnished apartments are preferred?Rental Apartment in Dubai

1. Easy to Move and Settle

Furnished apartments in Dubai are blessing for all whether they are visitors or residents looking for a new place to dwell. Renting a furnished apartment in Dubai makes your life tension free and you don’t need to disquiet about circadian niceties. These homes finely equipped with furniture, kitchen and general electronic appliances, and toiletries. Just pack your luggage and move in comfortably.

2. Duration

You can get furnished apartments for changed periods which ranges from one week to a year. Short term rentals in Dubai are also famous business in Dubai nowadays. These types of renting are beneficial for both the land lodger and tenants. Short term lease is a great deal of happiness for the visitors who don’t want to stay for a longer period. Usually, it is hard to get residence for a shorter period in Dubai but monthly rental apartments in Dubai turn this difficulty in to ease.

3. Great Deal To Save Time And Money

This kind of furnished apartment in Dubai is the first and foremost choice of holidaymakers or a career professional. Both parties don’t have enough time to spare and search for the residence. Visitors want to save money and time to spend these resources for their recreational purposes. Holidaymakers are staying there for just a specific period of the time so furnished rental apartments in Dubai are blessing for them.

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Visitors and holidaymakers can cherry-pick cheap furnished apartments for their comfortable accommodation according to their financial plan without compromising on the quality of stay in Dubai.

Cons Of Furnished Apartments

1. Rental Cost Is Higher

In general, occupying fully furnished apartments costs with no doubt more than leasing unfurnished counterparts everywhere. Therefore, it’s a good opportunity of ROI for a landlord as it gives higher yield from their investments. Tenants may be not benefiting from the cost but it saves substantial time. Sometimes, tenants are required to pay deposit fee for renting furnished apartments in accordance to physical damages.

2. Limited Selections In Terms Of Locations

There are usually a wider pool of unfurnished properties than furnished properties. Moreover, there are some areas that have less investment properties as the neighborhoods could massively cater to families only- cost wise and location wise. This leads to settling in what is out there rather than in what is the most desirable.

3. Can’t Bring Own Furniture

Everybody have that idea of furnished apartment is only for tenants with their luggage with clothes only. It sounds like a good idea until you own some pieces of furniture, it would be challenging to adjust them into a fully furnished new home.

4. Damage Cost Risk

One of the considerations when it comes to renting furnished apartments in Dubai is that tenant gets held liable for any destructions to the setup furniture. Furthermore, they could be charged a hefty amount of money for scratches and rips on the glass tables or a tiny bits of ruptures on the upholstery of the couch as consequences of accidents.

What Does Fully Furnished Mean?

A fully furnished apartment technically means everything is provided in the apartment except for perishable items, food and personal items such as toiletries. So a renter can move in without purchasing any item for the apartment, just with a suitcase.

Most of the landlords on the popular platforms like AirBnB nowadays provide items like shampoo, soap and bath towels upfront, though it typically becomes renter’s responsibility going forward.

Here are some of Dubai’s areas offer fully furnished apartments available 

1.      Furnished Apartments in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a prosperous suburban area that enjoys a vast assortment of hotels apartments in Dubai, espresso bars, and striking buildings, etc. if you are a tourist and looking for the fine class furnished apartment in Dubai Marina then you must come there. From Dubai Marina, it is hassle-free to access all tourist attractions.




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2.      Furnished Apartments in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is considered as the soul of the city and famous for its cultural heritage. If you are a south Asian visitor, then you will love to stay here. You can find numerous luxurious furnished apartments in bur Dubai. Dubai creek property is worth seeing as it is a customary parting of the Bur Dubai zone from the Deira area.

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3.      Furnished Apartments in Deira

This is the epicenter of the city and famous for the dwelling of migrants and laborers due to the convenience of affordable short-term lease possibilities. It is a perfect option for affordable furnished apartments in Deira at your stumpy budget.

4.      Furnished Apartments in Al Barsha

This is another economical choice to get furnished apartments in Al Barsha Dubai. This is a newly developed vicinity with moderate rates of rentals.

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