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Most Affordable Villa Communities in Dubai

Moving into a villa could have many motivations like one seeking extra luxury, or more room for the expanding family, or simply just more flexibility of decoration on their own. Whatever the reason is, the main challenge of this upgrading endeavor is perhaps how costly it could be to buy it and maintaining monthly bills.  Set aside the monthly bills, at least to have a bit of research on the options that are rather affordable for quite a lot of reasons today, we found the most appealing communities to look at. This article will guide you through the cheapest villa communities in Dubai that some of them didn’t realize was this cheap.

#1 Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle offers very competitive prices on its quality-made villas featuring modern-style amenities. Convenient locality for a perfectly balanced lifestyle between tranquil suburban neighborhood and city services for anything needed. This community is no wonder to be ranked one of the top places to buy/rent villas in Dubai offering a higher yield of return that attracts not only families also young expats.


It is situated right off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road with Springs on the left side and Barsha on the right. Its proximity to Dubai Marina and Barsha Heights explains why it’s in a strategic location- and why investors are interested in this community due to being the benchmark for most groups.

Sales prices on average:

1 bedroom townhouse is sold for AED 950k, also 1 bedroom villa is cost AED 1M.

2 bedroom and 3 bedroom villas cost around AED 1.5M and AED 1.9M respectively.

Most popular properties are namely The Manhattan, Diamond Views, Seasons Community and Seasons Community featuring different clusters and different amenities. There are also hotels like FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel and Milano Hotels offering sales options for investors.

#2 The Springs

The Springs is a villa community offers a safe and serene living environment most ideally for young couples and families within its self-contained, gated neighborhood. The dazzling community provides contented daily lives among uniquely modern sandy hued villas which are semi-detached while conveniently located between all the amenities. Springs residents can enjoy fully owned properties with luxurious amenities by the scenic lake in the heart of Dubai.


The Springs gated community is in the ideal location which is close to Internet City and Dubai Marina, and right off the Sheikh Zayed road makes it perfect for young couples and families.

Sale prices on average:

For investors, obtaining a 2 bedroom villa costs as low as AED 1.2M- which is one of the most affordable selections in Dubai. 3-bedroom villa would range somewhere between AED 1.8M. Also, one could shell out 1.9M for larger 4-bedroom villas.

#3 Mira Oasis

The versatile neighborhood amidst lush greenery surrounding desert scape offers cheap villas upon its completion phase of most of the batches of villas and townhouses. The community provides a number of shared facilities for its residents featuring an amphitheater, a skate park, a volleyball court and outdoor gym. A variety of events are held in this lively community where hundreds of residents gather together for games and live performances occasionally.


Mira Oasis is located in the middle of 3 communities Academic City, Al Barsha, and Dubai Investments Park.

Sale prices on villas:

The starting price for 3-bedroom villas for sale in Mira Oasis is AED 1.3M and it can go up to AED 2.1M. As for 4-bedroom villas for sale in Mira Oasis, the asking prices range between AED 1.75M to AED 2.4M.

#4 Serena

Serena by Dubai Properties is a newly developed community meant for affordable villas and apartments available for sales/renting. The community is quite well planned reflecting a preeminent Mediterranean style whilst offering relaxing natural vistas and fully equipped amenities.


Serena is located in Dubailand in relatively close proximity to most of the Dubai’s landmarks and laid off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

Sales Prices on Average:

Sales prices vary from one villa to the other depending on the number of rooms and built in space of the property.

2-bedroom villa for sale for AED 980k to AED 1.3M. Moreover, one can own a 3-bedroom villa at a buying price of AED 1.6M.

#5 Dubai Silicon Oasis

 Dubai Silicon Oasis has developed with the aim of becoming a hub of global technology companies dedicated to innovations and research. The area has grown to a buzzing vast community of residentials and commercial activities with the help of its affordability and its self-sufficient sorts. The technology park centered community had a broad network of roads and a range of villas selections that are quite fulfilling to budget conscious buyers.


It is located on the intersection point of Al Ain Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

Sales prices of villas:

Cedre Villas is the only cluster putting freehold forward as Dubai Silicon Oasis residentials are generally sold on 99-year lease. To buy a full ownership of a 3 bedroom villa in the Cedre Villas would cost AEE 2.1M and 4 bedroom goes up to AED 2.6M.

#6 Town Square

Town Square by Nshama Group is an expansive family-friendly community that is close to the Expo site. The community is very popular because of its affordability for the quality being offered along with the superior amenities. Town Square has been one of the most awaited projects and continuously evolving to date. In a nutshell, the development features considerably lower buying rates and a clean environment while offers everything within a reach.


it is located along Al Qudra Road (D63) on the outskirts of Dubai.

Sale prices of villas:

For investors interested in buying a villa, they can opt for choosing from a wide selection of 3 or 4-bed houses in multiple sub-communities. For example, both 3-bed townhouse and 3 bedroom villa in most of the clusters in Town Square will range from AED 1M to AED 1.7M, whereas a 4-bed villa will be sold somewhere between prices of AED 1.4M to AED 2.0M. Newly developed Noor Townhouses ranked as the most transacted sub-community offering mix of villas and townhouses in Town Square.