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Palm Jumeirah

Islands of the Dream

The historical project, which is named one of the additions to the world’s seven wonders, got kick-started in 2001 and took 6 years to finish by developer Nakheel. Dubai’s palm islands are the largest man-made islands in the world and named after the shape of the structure from the aerial view. No doubt these islands successfully got transformed are formed to be the greatest holiday destinations. There are total of 3 palm islands in Dubai include Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Deira and Palm Jumeirah, however Palm Jumeirah is the only island open for visiting.

As Dubai’s oil supply got dwindled Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum envisioned to attract more interest to Dubai by teaming up with local developer Nakheel. The feat which had previously been difficult to attract visitors got effectively took place while the project got finished within the time and it applied 12 million pounds of rock and 28 million cubic meters of sand which equals to 53 million pounds in weight.

No Palm Trees

Despite the fact that the Palm islands were named after palm trees, there is no actual presence of palm trees on the island. Instead, there are quite many residential buildings – 4000 residential villas, 5000 waterfront apartments, and 60 high-end hotels and hotel apartments located through the Palm Islands. There are a number of harbors, shopping malls, restaurants, health spas, sports facilities, cinemas as well as diving areas. 

Palm shape


Living or staying in Palm Jumeirah is absolutely an opulence experience like no others. It is home to the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab, and commercial attraction The Crescent, The Trunk an116 Fronds. Also it has homes of many celebrities including David Beckham and Shahrukh Khan.
As you notice that Palm area is a freehold anybody can buy and own a home on this island. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Palm Jumeirah, the prices start for a freehold would be minimum AED 639k and whopping AED 3.5M for villas depending on the side of the palm land. As per current listing of leases, studio apartments start from AED 60k and AED 70k to AED 195K for one bedroom apartments selections from few such as Tiara Residences, Seven Palm and Muraba Residences


Building giant sand islands can change an ecosystem in a shocking twist says the environmentalists. Many experts argue on the project that the mega dredging has dramatically changed the wave of the water, climate temperature erosion patterns of the Gulf, moreover, it killed coral of square size of a mile.  Thus the developers claim that Palm Jumeirah’s breakwater will continue to bring more life to the marine area.

Aerial view

Perks of living in Palm Jumeirah

Amongst everything, the biggest benefit is the breathtaking direct waterfront view from every apartments on the palm. Serene setting with direct beach access from every building is just everyone’s dream place to be. Especially the villas on Palm Jumeirah mostly comes with either private or direct access to the beaches. The master development is away from the city’s noise and offers an untroubled and restful home for anyone who wants to stay away from complexities.


Palm Jumeirah can be considered a city of its own because everything is attainable here- schools, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and daycares. So the residents don’t have to commute to the city for medicals or to a store- they have it all in the Palm. Dubai Marina and Media City are in close proximity to Palm Jumeirah, make the islands convenient for young professionals and family looking for luxury. Convenience stores giants like Carefour, Choithrams and Organic Foods & Cafes, the UAE’s biggest organic food retailer are present in Palm Jumeirah. Also parents can bring their little ones to Asya’s Nursery and Redwood Montessori for day cares and quick medical check-ups can be done at Emirates Hospital Clinics and Al Das Medical Clinic with hassle free trips in the neighborhood. There is a gorgeous Al Ittihad Park on the Palm area where previously Donald Trump had proposed a huge construction on before the 2008 financial crisis. Palm Strip Mall and Golden Mile Galleria are there for a quick shopping fix and Nakheel Mall is a new comprehensive establishment where you cannot find anything you can’t find here. The Pointe is a place for a repertoire of activities including trendy lounges and shisha cafes for quality times.

Atlantis Hotel

Challenges of living in the Palm

Although there could be an endless list of what might be advantages of living and residing in Palm Jumeirah, there are few things have to be taken into consideration when renting or purchasing a property in Palm Jumeriah area. First of them is, transportation is a problem for commuting to Palm Jumeirah if you are routinely going in because the area is not connected to Dubai Metro and there is a monorail which costs around 30 Dhs solely going to Palm- this poses a challenge if working in the city. Another thing that poses a challenge is that a amount of noise and dust due to a lot of constructions are still under process.

Prestigious living

Prestigious environment costs, besides, renting and buying, fairly high while it comes with prestigious mark ups on the regular items. Exclusive lifestyle and high cost of living here cater to highly selective individuals – to live up to its certainty of luxury in Dubai. Therefore,  living in Palm Jumeirah work as one’s status symbol in terms of business profile and in media industry.   

Though, it strikes a couple of challenges for living in Palm, most certainly the number of advantages and benefits will surpasses the number of disadvantages. Its surely enticing enough to live in Palm Jumeirah.

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Sunset view

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