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Reasons to Choose Emaar South Townhouses and Villas in Dubai

Emaar South Townhouses and Villas in Dubai

Emaar, the well-known developer of Dubai, launched a first townhouse community said to be Saffron in Emaar South. This new community will be facilitated with all the luxuries and amenities possible. It has three to four-bedroom townhouses. All the townhouses and villas in Emaar South feature a covered car parking at least good for two vehicles and private gardens.

This is a gated community project that also has the luxurious amenities that includes indoor and outdoor play areas, lawns, swimming pools, clubhouse, fitness center, and BBQ areas. Saffron is located in an ideal location that is close to retail centers, hotels, restaurants, and other places people want to visit.

Emaar South is a combined venture with Dubai South. It is a project that covers a land of 7 km that has all types of living places like villas townhouses and apartments. Those places are even accompanied by public transport networks, walking, and bicycle trails.

But this townhouse for sale in Dubai by Emaar is an ideal place to live because of all its amenities and lifestyle it offers.  There are a lot more reasons to live in townhouses or villas in Dubai besides apartments and villas.

Emaar South TownhousesTownhouse for sale at Emaar South is something more than buy any apartments in dubai. But it does not demand to be responsible that much you need for a single-family home. Its reasons include:

Hassle-Free Garden

Townhouses in Dubai offer you a hassle-free garden. This means that you will have a beautiful garden that does not demand you to take care of. The garden will not be that huge, so you will not have to upkeep. Just imagine spending summer days without cleaning, isn’t it fun.

Great Community

Emaar South townhouse community offers you all the things you need in your doorstep. The gym, play area, schools, everything is quite near that will not bother you to go. It gives you convenient access to all the places you want to visit, such as fitness centers, retail centers, shopping markets, swimming pools, tennis courts, or anywhere else. This is a great community facilitating you in all the ways possible. It has all the things you may want nearby.

Peace Livingpeaceful life at Emaar South

Townhouses in Emaar South offer you peace living. They are built in a way that all the units are next to you, not on the top or bottom to you like apartments. This shows that no one can bother or annoy you at your top or bottom. All the people living there mainly have the same mindset of quiet living, so no one bothers anyone. You can live your life peacefully and quietly.

Outdoor Amenities

These luxury townhouses offer you great outdoor amenities that include open spaces, nearby cafes, eateries, parks, and recreational facilities. These outdoor amenities will be a great chance to have fun, and your kids can even enjoy in evening or morning. Whenever you want to have some fun time with your partner or friends, you have to cover a bit of space, and all these amenities will be handy for you. They offer all the luxury facilities you always want to live with.

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Fully DecorativeFully Decorative Townhouses Emaar South

Townhouses have more than one level in your living area. It will be a new thing for a house with several people living.

Final Words

Townhouse in Dubai is a luxurious way of life. Uniquely, these Emaar South townhouses are equipped with all the necessary and desired amenities pleasing its residents. No one is bothered to go anywhere because it is situated in a prime location. It lets you have easy access to wherever you want, like the airport, café, restaurant, retail store, or anywhere else.