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Top 5 Properties to Invest in Dubai

Are you looking for the best properties in Dubai? If yes, you have come to the right place. Dubai is one of the most popular and fastest-growing cities in the world as this city has faced a significant change in a concise span of time. It offers enormous opportunities for investors to make investments in different projects and buy properties. It is the best time to buy properties in Dubai because the upcoming time will be so much in your benefit. The following are the reasons that compel any investor to buy properties in Dubai.

  • Non-Residents can easily buy, sell, and rent the property in Dubai.
  • Dubai is one of the fastest progressing cities, which means there are good signs of buying property in Dubai today and selling it later.
  • Dubai offers the biggest malls, parks, entertainment points, and so much more for the residence.
  • Dubai real estate market Is governed by authorities like RERA to promote smooth functioning of market.
  • The security, basic infrastructure, the good neighborhood is some of the best characteristics which the city offers to the investors.
  • Dubai has almost zero crime rates, and there are no yearly taxes on the property.

It depends a lot to think where you are going to invest in buying properties in Dubai. There are many factors that are involved here. For your ease, I have collected some of the best areas of Dubai where you can invest or buy properties and make your mark in the world. Let’s have a look at the areas where you should buy a property in Dubai.

  • Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Jumeirah Village Circle is located in the heart of Dubai city. This is one of the best places for the families to live in because there are over 200 luxurious villas and multiple gated communities. JVC is equipped with two international schools, shared swimming pools, maid rooms, clubs, and hospitals. All the real estate investors have shown a great interest in this area. You can get the best facilities at the lowest pricing as compared to another residential place. Soon there will be a lot of international retail brands, cafes, and cinemas in JVC.Jumeirah Village Circle

  • Dubai Sports City Apartments

Dubai Sports City is on the world-famous Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed road, and it is nearest to Al Maktoum international airport. It is equally suitable for residential and commercial properties. Five major sports venues are in Dubai Sports City, such as Dubai international cricket stadium and Rugby Park. This is one of the top areas to be involved in the Govt. mission on carbon emission. The close analysis showed that this area could result in up to 9.17% of rental returns annually. It is affordable and has great features when you want to buy offplan properties in Dubai.Dubai Sports City Apartments

  • Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is famous for its outstanding beauty and attractive location. It offers a great offline rent opportunity, and you can find an exciting hotel in this splendid location. Palm Jumeirah also offers luxury villas at the most reliable location. Buyers from all over the world have shown a great interest in buying property in Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah

  • Jumeirah Lake Tower

This beautiful location contains 87 high-towers with four artificial lakes, which add to the beauty of this area. Almost all the living facilities are available in the Jumeirah Lake Tower. It offers both residential and commercial properties to buy in Dubai at the most affordable rates. You can have eye-catching views of the Dubai Marina. If you want to buy adorable properties in Dubai with appealing views, then Jumeirah Lake Tower should be your top priority.

Jumeirah Lake Tower

  • Liwan

Liwan is not developed like the other parts of the incredible city. But the investors have shown a great interest in this area. Indeed, Liwan has the potential to offer great services in the future. Being an investor, you can have a return of 7.89% YTD. The prices in the last six months have drastically dropped to 2.02%, which means this is the best time to put some money on it.


Final Thoughts

Dubai is the future of the world, which has so much to offer. You must buy properties in this city. Before buying any properties or making investments, you must have an idea of the specific location which suits best for you. These are some of the top locations where you should buy properties or apartments because they have a lot of potential in the near feature.