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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Penthouse Apartments in Dubai

5 Reasons to Buy A Penthouse in Dubai

This article outlines the main benefits of buying a penthouse property and provides a compiled list of locations of penthouse in Dubai that offer such luxurious homes with price ranges that could go anywhere from 4-100Milion AED. Penthouses provide the coveted benefit of privacy and space with the benefits of an apartment as compared to buying a villa home. As a symbol of prestige, wealth and luxury, more and more wealthy buyers are opting for penthouses as investment options to earn from in the long term.

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In the real-estate world, apartments in Dubai are the latest trend and have become a coveted contemporary home choice for home seekers. Penthouses are located on the highest floor of an apartment/residential building. They provide unique luxury features like large indoor living spaces as well as outdoor terrace spaces. Such apartments steadily gained popularity due to the high demand for luxury living in urban areas with the space of a villa but advantages of an apartment. In terms of architecture, a penthouse is in its most basic definition, a structure on the highest floor of the building which is somewhat positioned away from the building whilst being right on top.

In Dubai, the demand for penthouses has increased and is gaining momentum as more and more wealthy investors and home owners look to attain a penthouse in luxurious locations rather than opt for homes in well populated Penthouses Apartments in Dubai.

If you are a person who always values the advantages of apartments over homes and does not want to sacrifice space, then a penthouse is the right property for you. There are a variety of options too, ranging from furnished city view apartments to ultra-premium shell and core units at the most prestigious location of all, the Burj Khalifa costing almost 102 Million AED.

Maximum Privacy & Comfort

Due to the prominent positioning high up in a building, a penthouse ensures a luxuriously private living environment with lots of sunlight and fresh air circulation (majorly due to being away from street pollution) surrounding the apartment while offering scenic, bird’s eye views of the city skyline and being away from noisy upstairs neighbours and street noise.

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Modern Luxury Penthouses Features

Penthouses are naturally very carefully planned as well as obviously being quite spacious. From floor to ceiling windows to exquisite finishing and fixtures, there is almost no stone left unturned in the luxurious interior.

The residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to availability of high-end amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, barbeque area or small outdoor dining space on the terrace, in house cinema, private club etc. in addition to this, there are usually dedicated elevators too to avoid delays for tenants that live high up.

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Spacious Terrace Penthouse

Penthouse terraces give a whole new definition to outdoor living with sufficient space to entertain and unwind. This provides the villa feeling while living in an apartment regardless of whether the penthouse is a single storey or duplex. They will always have a terrace to compensate for outdoor space.


Penthouses in Dubai are usually located at the center of the city which allow easy access to the city’s infrastructure. Unlike villa communities that may be located away from the hustle bustle of the city, Penthouses are usually in the middle of it all, unaffected by noise pollution that villa residents tend to avoid.

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Status symbol

Penthouses in Dubai truly give meaning to luxury living and are definitely a prestigious status symbol for homeowners, especially due to the fact that only a small percentage of the population chooses to or can actually afford living in such spaces. They are most expensive when compared to regular apartments but prove to be a great investment option.

Penthouse Locations in Dubai are limited with developers slowly catering to the rising demand from high income, wealthy individuals. Developers now specifically aim to provide dedicated penthouse spaces in upcoming high-rise buildings. Popular spots in Dubai offering such accommodation, with prices ranging from anywhere between AED 4 million to AED 100+ million.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Dubai Marina
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Vida Residence (The Hills, Dubai)
  • City Walk
  • Elie Saab Residences, Emaar Beachfront
  • BlueWaters Island
  • Palazzo Versace, Culture Village

The list above includes names of hot spot penthouse locations that are the most luxurious options available in the market currently. There are several options available in terms of space, amenities, furnished/ shell core units and locations, depending on the client’s choice and budget. Usually those opting for Penthouses Apartments in Dubai have a lot of room for stretch in their pockets since they are choosing to pay a premium price for a premium property and usually have high expectations for the way their home is set up, allowing for super luxurious finishing and furnishings, making it a home for life.