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Top Green Residential Community in Dubai! Akoya Oxygen by DAMAC

Akoya Oxygen Homes

If you are looking for the Top Green Residential Community in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. What comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Dubai’? If you ask this question to about ten people, you will get to listen to a desert. Dubai has brought about countless changes to get out of the harsh climate. With the introduction of horticulture, the sand dunes are now converted into the stunning lush green area. Dubai has so much to offer, and these green residential areas are now increasing with the passage of time. I am going to share a general overview of the Top Green Residential Community in Dubai, which is pretty exciting to know.

Akoya Oxygen The Green Residential Community in Dubai

When it comes to the best green residential community in Dubai, the Akoya Oxygen will always rank on the top. This residential area is full of nature and replete with captivating beauties. Every family wants a green and peaceful neighbor so, this might be the best place to live in.

Akoya Dubai green residential community was developed by DAMAC Properties, and China State Construction Engineering Corporation served as a contractor for the area. This residential area is located in Dubailand.

Notable Amenities in Akoya Oxygen

  • luxury spa complex
  • Plunge Pools
  • School
  • Pharmacy
  • Yoga Enclave
  • organic fresh market
  • Restaurants
  • Vista lux
  • Golf Club
  • monorail
  • The Dubai Rainforest

Akoya Oxygen VillasThere are countless facilities in this residential area. This area offers an organic market to the residents to buy fresh food items. A luxury spa and pool with beautiful flowers add to the beauty of this place. The restaurants in Akoya Oxygen are simply world-class with FSC certified wood. While talking about the amenities for this residential area, how can you forget Vista Lux for its eye-catching waterfront retail and hotel?

As Akoya Oxygen residential area is developed by DAMAC Properties so, the company announced to develop the region’s first rainforest. The introduction of the rainforest in this community was thought to create a natural environment similar to a rainforest. The visitors will have the chance to learn a lot about flora and fauna. However, there is no advancement in this regard. By summing up the amenities as mentioned earlier, you can say that Akoya Oxygen is one of the best and the most peaceful residential community in the UAE.

This area consists of 31 Akoya Oxygen Townhouses with beautiful lush green surroundings, and this project includes the construction of 1600 luxury villas in the area. This project by DAMAC has done a fabulous job, and almost all the work has been completed. All the main roads that link this gorgeous place to the rest of the main centers in the city are constructed. Good thing about this community is that the Burj Al-Arab, Mall of Emirates, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Mall are at the drive of 40,40, 41, and 43 minutes, respectively. While living in such a peaceful place, you can have a chance to see the other landmarks of this magnificent city.

Akoya Oxygen DubaiSub-Communities and Building in Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen Dubai is a home to the best communities in the world. There are about 39 sub-communities in this residential area. The most popular of them are Amargo, Avencia, Basswood, Centaury, Hajar Villas, and Mimosa. Aside from the sub-communities, there are four main buildings in the area, which are as follows; Golfotel, Viridis, Fiora, Golf Verde, and Navitas Hotels.

Why Should You Choose Akoya Oxygen?

Akoya Oxygen ViewAkoya Oxygen community promises cleaner air, moderate temperature, and an appealing road for all the residents. The authorities are responsible for making the city pollution-free, and they took slid steps in this regard. To save energy, the homes are equipped with low-emission paints and air conditioning and solar water heating systems. The area has almost all the facilities of international standards. Have a deep search, and you will find it the best residential community in Dubai.  The Akoya Oxygen Dubai will not only be the largest project in Dubai in terms of home density, but it also represents Dubai’s first integrated carbon and green construction practices.