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Top New Residential Projects in Dubai to be Completed in 2020! Part 2

New Residential Projects in Dubai - Part II

Known to accommodate the tallest building in the world along with luxurious lifestyle, Dubai has always amazed us with its charismatic atmosphere and mind boggling architecture. Often termed as the city of gold, Dubai holds a special place in every emigrant’s heart. Due to the open-ended opportunities the place has to offer, expatriates always find it easier to settle in Dubai and earn for their respective families.

Residing within the Arabian gulf, Dubai has been serving as the industrial hub for many years which is the prime factor of attracting investors to the state for placing stakes at the corner. The reason behind Dubai being the go-to spot for many people around the globe is quite plain and square, the beautifully, thriving architecture that is preserved within the heart of Earth. Tourists from all over the world visit the place to seek adventure and explore monumental places which are known to mesmerize seekers at their utmost look.

Residential Projects of Dubai

According to a survey conducted, Dubai is believed to focus on a range of projects for the Expo 2020 in order to cater expatriates and their settling issues. Within the next few months, rapid changes in skyline are to be observed within the city in order to meet the requirements of settlement associated with the ever-growing immigration. As per the reports presented by the officials, around 136 residential unit projects are in an on-going phase, scheduled to be finalized by 2020 so that the city could meet the requirements and expectations leveled by the frequency of immigration and local/national interest.

In this piece of article, we will be focusing on the top new residential projects in Dubai that are believed to be effectuated and handed over by 2020 so that necessary aspects could be met along with the completion of it.

1.   Bluewaters Island

Bluewater IslandLocated near Jumeirah Beach, the Bluewaters Residence is expected to attain attraction as being termed as an enormous visiting center in the globe. The construction being held under the banner and supervision of Meraas project, it is thought to home a great number of citizens with exclusive penthouses, luxury apartments and town houses.

The plan is simply to build a visitors center that will also have the luxury to cater residents in Dubai along with situating the tallest Ferris wheel which will serves as the ultimate attraction for majority of the sight seekers. Bluewaters project is expected to be wrapped up by 2020 with a dazzling preliminary cost of 6 billion dollars.

2.   Al Mamzar Beachfront

Al Mamzar BeachfrontThe project which is estimated to stretch over 9,000,000 sq. ft is thought to shelter a total of 4000 best residential properties within the sector. This project is meticulously planned to provide its residents a sense of beachfront lifestyle. Along with it the assignment is also planned to involve shopping malls, restaurants, waterparks, retails outlets and a phenomenal view to the onlooking visitors and residents.

Scheduled to complete by 2020, the scheme is estimated to bare a preliminary cost of about 2.8 billion dollars.

3.   Jewel of the Creek

Jewel of the CreekA mesmerizing infrastructure developed on a massive-scale by the city’s international real estate developers, Jewel of the creek is thought to cover a land of 124,000 sq. meters in total. The project will be compromising a total of 1400 residential apartments along with 1000 to 1200 offices in the sector.

Jewel of the creek project stretched along Baniyas road, Al Maktoum and the floating bridge is designed to complete in 2 phases, which is ought to be completed by 2020 with a whopping primary cost of 816 million dollars.

4.   Deira Islands

Deira IslandsTo provide people of this ever thriving city with cultural aspects and traditional values, the project of Deira island is specifically planned to meet the purpose. A kind of beachfront properties stretched over 15.3 square kilometer, Deira island is indeed going to be one of the most famous and biggest name to reside in the year 2020.

Deira island is already on its way to construct one of the biggest island in the region in order to reinvent its culture values and heritage within the common channel of the society based in Dubai.

Schemed to be unfurl by 2020, the Deira island project is expected to bag a whopping preliminary cost of 150 million dollars.

Here we have mentioned few known real estate projects in Dubai that are going to be completed in 2020. Some of them are expected to be handed over in third quarter but most of the projects are expected to be handed over in December 2020.