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Top Project Next to Dubai Expo 2020! Expo Golf Villas Phase 5

Expo Golf villa Phase 5

Expo Golf villas are new set of townhouses by Emaar properties, who is world renowned as proven community developers of Dubai. After immense success of its first launch of Expo Golf Villas within its strategic location, it has recently launched the fifth phase of Expo Golf Villas, within a time span of 4 months. It is located on the south side and is in very close proximity to Expo 2020 Championship golf course, and the Al Maktoum Airport, which is a future project, also lies near to these luxurious Villas.

It is also situated at the main boulevard of Emaar South. Since the demand for housing properties is ever-growing, Emaar South:1’s Expo Golf Villas provide an excellent opportunity for investors to invest. Plus, Emaar South is a growing master at its work of building amazing projects that create a lot of profit and has great potential so that investors can be safe about their investment.

Expo Golf Villas Has A Design That Inspires

All the previous four phases of Emaar South’s properties are of premium quality. These luxury villas have bedrooms ranging from three to four large ones, and the villas overlook a championship golf course. You can have a pick from a range of these villas. It is a private, family community with villas huddled along with each other.

Design of Expo Golf VillasEmaar South’s Perfectly Connected Expo Golf Villas

There are parks and many other delights offered to the residents.  Although Expo Golf Villas is located out of city, however, it is connected to the main center via a widespread system of public transport set strategically throughout the city. The international airport is also located nearby so you can reach the airport and catch flights in a matter of minutes. The villas are built in a contemporary style as well with elegant designs and tall windows that bring in natural light to the maximum with a great view of the pool, parks, greenery, kids playing area, and much more. These villas have been built by the most excellent professionals and provide the best facilities to the residents.

Emaar South’s Expo Golf Villas – Home of the Future

This phase by Emaar South came as a result of booming sales and profit that came along as a result of its previous phase. The community is a hit for people looking for a family-oriented place to live. It is a lush, lavish, and private community. The price ranges from lowest to highest and is suitable for everyone on a budget as well. The prices for these luxurious villas are start from as low as possible dollars. However, there are easy installment plans for payment procedures so you can glide smoothly. These installments span over a length of four to five years, so the payment plan is quite comfortable.

Expo Golf Villas 5 By EmaarNestled in Nature Expo Golf Villas

The villas are built to span over 110-140 square kilometers. They are built to suit the families very well. The villas in dubai for sale are made with neutral and muted tones so they can go along with any decor you choose for the house. They can match any style. This area of housing will mainly be attractive to people working in different businesses in Dubai.

Stay on top of your Game

The 18-hole golf course is located in the area provides an excellent opportunity for sports and recreational activity as well. So, with a buzzing community here, parks, walking paths, 18-course golf area, it has become effortless to stay fit and active.

Expo Golf Villas AmenitiesThis place also has a fantastic opportunity for tourists and visitors. The Expo 2020, held right around the corner, attracts a lot of visitors in the area. There are apartments and townhouses for sale in Dubai alongside villas as well. So, they can be rented by visitors or residents of the city as well. Expo 2020 is a great show hosted in Dubai. It is a world expo, and the villas are located nearby, and so the millions of visitors that will come crashing here could be great customers for the new project of Emaar South properties.

Final Verdict

Expo Golf Villas ViewAs the property scene in Dubai continues to grow, more and more amazing projects are emerging on the line. Emaar’s projects are growing, with millions of workforces invested and new phases of expo golf villas emaar springing up, it is going to create a lot of buzz in the market.