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Top Real Estate Apps in the UAE for Realtors, Investors and Developers

Although Covid brought us numerous crises in many spheres, it also has accelerated the use of technology by at least 5 years forward. The pandemic taught us a lot of great life lessons that include new approaches of business meetings and try to resolve things in a quicker manner.   

Efficiency is the new future and that is how many markets will operate in the future.

For instance, real estate is one of the industries that use technology interface broadly for investors, sellers, and brokers whether it’s for selling homes on the internet or initiating new ways for its home buyers and investors alike.

There are many apps in the real estate industry to help smoothen hurdles of making decisions for home buyers as it’s always a big purchase choice, and here in this article mentioned top useful Applications available on every devices to make your life easier.  

  1. DLD RDC


This website platform and application developed by Dubai Land Department (DLD) is dedicated to offer solutions to tenants disputes arose between owners and renters. This is called Rental Dispute Center and it registers any disputes and creates follow up systems aiming to resolve it faster and accessible for the both sides, owners and tenants.   

No matter what property you lease/own and regardless of how long is the tenancy:

1. You can download the App and start registering online if there is any dispute

2. Also you can appeal cases, make related payments and make particular requests regarding your case (if any).

Finally, this app will include a complete portfolio of rental issues, disputes, disagreements and mediations in hand.

Main Features:

· Online payment function/ feature

· Easy to use online registration of your cases

· Follow up and resolve through mediation


Ejari is a smart application caters to anyone who is engaged in buying or selling a property in Dubai for registering purpose and uploading compulsory documents asked by the Government procedure.

To register with Ejari go to the website:


on your own. First take the process to register one’s profile, then upload the documents in the relevant section and respective rental contract if there is any and submit the application easily. Once they approve the application, the applicant can pay the Ejari fee AED 170 to finish up the course.

Another usage of Ejari application besides registering, is that it allows you keep track and calculate the rental increases while locating typing centers nearby for tenancy contract submission. One more feature of the app is that it assists to print out the Ejari certificate anywhere from your smart devices.

Main Features of Ejari app:

· Registering Ejari documents online

· Print out Ejari certificate once approved

· Calculate and keep track of rental increases

  • BayutPro

Bayut is an online platform specifically designed for real estate brokers and sellers based in UAE. The app has customized tools for managing leads and ultimately aimed to maximize production. Real estate brokers need to register on Bayut, then download the application to further utilize the use of the services provided by Bayut platform.

The agents can use Bayut to track and manage the listings and can use features like SmartLeads™ and TruCheck™ to connect with the prospects, monitor existing listings and respond to leads.

Striking Features :

· Direct single tap connection with leads through call, WhatsApp and email message

· Provide data based insights into consumer preferences and reveal median of budgets of all customer data associated with Bayut and prime location of customers’ interests.

· TruCheck™ helps to validate the listing

· Easy management of user profile


Makani application by DLD, provides access to the addresses in official geographic system. This is one of the most unique also most useful real estate applications because, it applies 10 digits Makani number for each and every property to locate the building’s exact location- entrances and connectivity.  

Thus the app carries out simple methodology to locate properties using only numbers, rather than names, codes or dimensions- it is quite easy to use and it’s straight forward.  

Makani is useful amongst tourists and real estate agents to search specific buildings within certain area- to locate precisely and navigate to the correct directions. And it’s available in all devices such as GPS navigational devices, mobile phones (doesn’t need to be smart) and tablets.

Makani has been named one of the best property apps in UAE owing to its innovative and user friendly interface and technology.

Striking Features :

· QR compatibility and Voice search enabled on smart devices

· It can sync with the contact list for a direct navigation

· Voice enabled navigations

  • Investment Map Portal

Investment Map Portal is one of the most valuable real estate applications in Dubai because this app acts as an investment advisor helps to provide an investor with a well-informed decision. Brought by the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center- DLD’s Investment wing, the app offers comprehensive information of ongoing off-plan projects in Dubai.

The Investment Map Portal’s core features include integrated solicitation with other Dubai’s real estate practices and paired with Google search tool to allow smart devices access to speculations opportunities.

This government portal is secure and safe while makes online transaction easier and ease to use for decision makers. It gives in-depth look into real estate market of a period wise or project wise information to explore from the beginning to end, also selectable to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai from mobile device.  

  • Smart Judge

As from the name, it acts as a legal friend when formalities and legal jargon get too heavy and complex especially for the first time tenants or owners- to keep in the loop about legal rights of all involved parties during a rental disagreement. With respect to Ejari, the app provides free legal advice and affirms virtual verdicts and rulings against requests needed for legal consultations. It saves both sides’ time and money of a lot of minor disputes and plus legal case’s cost totally.

Investors also can approach to Rental Dispute Center application for mediation and appeal as well as other miscellaneous procedures related to legal matters.