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What Dubai is set to look like in 2040

Dubai has emerged during past decades into a modern cosmopolitan city with a wide range of developments and complex productions. Since 1960, Dubai’s population has surged about 100 times and its urban development expanded 400 times respectively. Hence the city’s growth is immensely economic driven thus its spatial urban development is design-led so far.

Dubai 2040 is the seventh urban plan to be brought into the emirate since 1960, 11 years before the unification of the UAE. Between then and today, the city’s population has grown from 40,000 to 3.3 million.

Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum officially launched

The plan was initially announced in October last year. The official launch was made by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum last Sunday emphasizing the main projections and main criteria of urbanization of the city- mainly to increase recreational side and economical activities through 2040.  

More greenery planning

The plan seeks an ambitious development in the core of urban planning and to express the Vision of Dubai’s leadership and adopt a sustainable and competitive approach to achieve a city of excellence. It includes a few major points of goals to deliver its innovative strategies for spatial planning and development.

· The key goals and schemes are :

1. The plan will make the city become more nature havens by 60 percent. The master plan seeks more greeneries and natural experiences around the city.

2. Boost the resident population by 5.8 million within 20 years. The economy-driven city is planning on more initiations towards encouraging more number of residency. The current population stands at 3.38 million, according to government data.  

3. Two additional urban cities are planned to develop.

4. Dedicated green parks and recreational areas to increase by 105 percent. Thus this proposes to improve the quality of living as a family in Dubai as residents.

5. Issuance of urban planning law and establishment of integrated service centers to support sustainable development.

6. 55 percent of the population will live within 800 meters from public transport stations. Now the urban planning focuses on the ease of transportation for residents who go and come from work. 

7. Education and healthcare facilities increase by 25 percent

8. 168 sq km land dedicated to industrial and economic activities

9. 400 percent more public beaches. The beach projects were introduced at Dhs 500 million.

10. The country’s economy is heavily driven by its tourism and hospitality sector. Thus, projected hospitality and tourism increase by 134 percent.

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· 5 Main zones development

Development plan focus is split into five main zones: Downtown / Business Bay (global financial hub), Deira / Bur Dubai (city’s historical essence), Dubai Marina / JBR (tourism and entertainment), Expo 2020 (international gate for exhibitions and events), and Dubai Silicon Oasis (knowledge and innovation center). It’s also stated that old districts will be revitalized and converted to Emirati housings under the new planning.

·  The Zones and Neighbors

Source: Arabian News

The “people-led” expansion plan aims to improve community and accessibility across the emirates, proposing service centers and projects 55 percent of the total population will reside within 800m from public transport stations.

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The Plan took into account the impact of the recent global economic downturns; and considered a wide range of issues related to the socio-economic dimensions, the natural and built environments, infrastructure, geographic context, cultural perspectives, community and accessibility, and economic capability. The Plan aims at unveiling a vibrant and competent city that is once again the global leader, promotes flexible and responsive land use, and a sustainable and green environment that allows its residences to live a quality lifestyle.

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